Tuesday, July 8, 2008

The Girls of Drover Run

We are totally into McLeod's Daughters. The three of us (sometimes 4 of us) watch it every night. It has become a family tradition.

Like with any TV show, that includes multiple characters, there is the tendency to wonder "Which character am I most like?" Or maybe that's just me? Probably not though since there ARE multiple quizzes online.

Which Lostie are you? Which Charmed one are you? Which Desperate Housewife are you?

So, which girl on Drovers Run am I? Which one are you?


Claire-Very serious. Workaholic. Full of pride. Doesn't like to accept help. Strong morals. Set in her ways. Not very warm. Rough exterior. Very capable.

Tess-Outgoing. Friendly. Spiritual. Nosy. Pushy. Questions everything. Tries to change things. Wants to save the world. Often makes a fool of herself.

Jodi-Lazy. Hates working. Spoiled. Often puts her foot in her mouth. Cute. Fun. Full of life.

Becky-Heroic. Brave. Strong. Thoughtful. Caring. Helpful.

I wish I was like Becky. I think Becky is incredibly awesome. I have a bit of a girl-crush on Becky. But I'm not like Becky--unfortunately.

I'm not really like Jodi--at least not on a regular basis.

Tim thinks I'm like Claire. And I don't completely disagree. There are times when I feel like a Claire. I guess it's with certain people. Certain people bring out my inner Claire.

Usually though, I feel like a total Tess. I can be a bit shy--at times. But other times I'm outgoing. I'm usually friendly. I think? I'm pushy about my beliefs. I'm definitely spiritual. And the big thing is I'm incredibly nosy.

There was one episode in which Tess reminded me so much of myself. There was some bad history in their neighbor's family; a skeleton in the closet that no one talked about. Tess brought it up at dinner and persisted on pursuing the conversation--despite the people looking uncomfortable. Then later she couldn't just let it go. She had to call up the family and offer her apologies. When her apology was not met with welcome and warmth, she brought over flowers. She would not give up.

This is so much like something I would do.

I think the thing about Tess is she hates to be disliked. And this is like me. Some people can do the old Her loss! I don't care if she doesn't like me. I can't. Well, I try. But it BUGS me when people dislike me. And instead of backing away, I go all Tess on them.

I have some Claires in my life. And nothing makes me bring out my inner Tess more than being around these Claires. If these people toned down their inner Claires, I would probably end up toning down my inner Tess.


In other Drover Run news.....The actress who plays Claire (Lisa Chapelle) reminded me so much of someone and I couldn't figure out who. Tonight, I finally figured it out.

Liesel from the Sound of Music!!!!

Compare the pictures!!!

Okay, actually the pictures are not that good. I couldn't find any good ones. But go see for yourself. Watch McLeod's Daughters and then watch Sound of Music. And no, not just to compare the two actresses. They're both awesome shows to watch. Pity thee who does not know the joy of Christopher Plummer singing "Edelweiss" to his estranged family.