Monday, July 21, 2008

My Family's Dirty Little Secret

The first night we were in Port Stephens, we decided to leave the Holiday Park to get some dinner.  

Now this was my husband's first day of driving on the left side of the road.   And he had actually done a fairly okay job.    (note: I need to one day write a post about us getting from Sydney to Port Stephens).

We got into the car, buckled us up into our seatbelts/booster seats, and then Tim backed up.  We all heard a mild thud-kind-of-sound.

It's all kind of a blur to me exactly what happened.  But for some reason I got it into my head that Tim might have hit the park's animal mascot.  So I yelled out something like You hit the peacock!

Tim snapped at me and said he didn't.   I realized the thud would have been louder if he had hit it, and there was no dead bird around.   So we relaxed.  We absolved ourselves of what could have been a horrific crime.

We didn't talk about it until later that week.   And by that time we saw the humor in the situation.  We started asking each other....What if?   What would we have done if we killed the park bird?   Confess our crime and bring it to the office?  Hide it?   Bury it?  And how would we have been able to face anyone?

Fortunately, the bird was alive and well.   Loud too.