Saturday, July 12, 2008

Our Love For Fictional Australians

It is summer now in America.   And I think every summer, we develop special traditions.

Last year seemed to be about dragonflies and silly pool games.

This year, the silly pool games and dragonflies are still there--but they're less of a focus for us.

This summer's main themes are Mario Brothers, new household members, mass quantities of blueberries and bread (thanks to Tim and Costco), and McLeod's Daughters.

Every night, Jack, Tim, and I sit on the couch and spend time with Claire, Tess, Becky, Jodi, and Meg.   Sometimes, our housemate Tabitha and her dog Jasmine join us.   But Tabitha has had to study, so she's a few episodes behind.  

Jack is really into the show.  He knows all the characters and some of the names of the actresses.  

Yesterday, we sat by the pool together and played McLeod's Daughters trivia.   He did a good job answering questions, and came up with some good questions to ask me.

The other day, Jack was sick and we thought he might want to go to bed early.  I asked Jack and Tim if we should skip our evening viewing.  Jack quickly said, No.

The kid really loves the show.

I'm not sure what a 6 1/2 year old sees in the show.   Does he like the pretty women?  The animals?  The farm life?

Then again....why does a grown-up end up loving Miss Spider so much?   And why was I so into Charlie and Lola?

And The Koala Brothers!   I usually think that my Australia obsession has roots in some deep mysterious spiritual a past life or something.   But in rare moments, I start to think maybe I just loved the Koala Brothers too much.   Sweet little Josie the kangaroo and that bratty little Possum Mitzi.  Lolly and her ice-cream truck.   Oh!   And the Koalas themselves--always ready to help a mate. Gotta love them.

Maybe I just wanted to live in a place where whenever I had a problem, two sexy marsupials would fly down in their plane and save me.