Friday, August 22, 2008

Another Music Post

In my last music post, I listed all my favorite Australian songs.

I still love those songs.   But now, thanks to suggestions via comments and other Aussie websites,  my horizons have been broadened.

Here are some new favorites.

1. "Australia" by Gyroscope.   Very beautiful song.  I don't get the lyrics too much though, which makes me think I really don't understand Australia as much as I thought I did.   But that's a good thing.    Having a lot to learn gives me a lot to look forward to.

2. "Great Southern Land" by Icehouse These lyrics make a little more sense to me.  I think?   Anyway, it's one of those songs in which the chorus gets stuck in your brain.

3. "To Her Door" by Paul Kelly  I LOVE this song. It's addictive.  Paul Kelly is sexy in a Elvis Presley kind of way.  OR....maybe he reminds me of a young Robert Di Nero.  Sean Penn too.

4. "Sounds of Then" (This is Australia) by GANGgajang  If your high school chemistry teacher made a music video, this is what it would look like.    

5. "Thank You" by the Whitlams Easy song to love.  Whitlam?  Is that supposed to be like the Prime Minister??

6. "Scar" by Missy Higgins.   She kind of reminds me of Jo from Facts of Life.  Her voice reminds me of Edie Brickell

7. "Working Class Man" by Jimmy Barnes   A classic Aussie song. I hadn't even heard of it though until I heard Adam Hill's new and improved version of Advance Australia Fair.

8. "Sweet about Me" by Gabriella Cilmi   This song is so incredibly awesome. Very sexy. It's pathetic and hard to believe that she's barely known in America. What's the deal? Her song should be number one here. On ALL the charts.

9. "Watch Over Me" by Bernard Fanning. This is a really beautiful song.    

10. "Bridal Train" by the Waifs  Very haunting and lovely.   I can hear the Aussie accent much more here than I can in other songs. 

11. "Am I Crazy" by Rebecca Lavelle Okay. I had to include at least one McLeod's Daughters song. This was in the first episode of Mcleod's Daughters. It made Jack cry and he asked for us to turn off the show.   The emotions were too overwhelming for him.  I had never seen my child so touched by a song before. Later, he was able to listen to it without getting too sad. It's a very beautiful song.


  1. Great list!
    To Her Door definitely has addictive properties ;) So does Missy Higgins, for that matter.

    I'm so downloading 'Am I Crazy.' I don't think I've heard it, and it sounds like I should!

  2. I love Missy Higgins, she is starting to get a following in the states now.

    There are 3 actresses from McLeods Daughters that sing as well- the lovely Lisa Chappell (Claire), Michala Banas (she comes in when Becky leaves), and Abi Tucker (she comes in season 7).

  3. Paul Kelly is so cool. He has a massive catalogue of songs, and many of them are just so good, with catchy tunes and always thought provoking or emotion grabbing lyrics.

    Listen to "Summer Rain", or "God's Hotel" of the "Wanted Man" album, I reckon they are both really nice songs, but he does have heaps and heaps.

  4. Oooh I have 2 more recommendations:

    From Big Things Little Things Grow - Kev Carmody (I get chills every single time I listen to it)

    Wish You Well - Bernard Fanning.

    Khe San - Jimmy Barnes (you can't call yourself Aussie until you know all the words... oh and until you cry at the strains and words of Waltzing Matilda)

    As someone who wants to get into the Australian psyche, I think you're obliged to listen to some Midnight Oil. Kinda compulsory. Try stuff from their 10-1 album.

  5. Anything by The Whitlams, Paul Kelly, Icehouse, Cold Chisel,Missy Higgins, etc, are good value ;)
    Love The Waifs, too!
    Lead singer of The Whitlams, Tim Freedman, is very easy on the eye *growl* ;) lol

  6. Catatonickid: What are your favorite Missy Higgins songs? I have two on my playlist....Scar and Secret. I like Scar better. At least so far.

    Darcy: I have no idea about music in the states. I'm SO out of it. We looked at Lisa Chappell's website. I saw one video of Michala Banas. I like her. Who is Abi Tucker??? I haven't heard of her? You know what I'm trying to figure out.... The psychic at the end of season 2. Is that Moira? I didn't think about it while watching and then later I started to wonder......

    Tribog: Paul Kelly IS cool. I agree. I will listen to those songs.....

    The Incognitrix: Are you saying if I learn all the words to Khe San, I get to be Australian????? How cool is that?!!! And I'm totally sure I can produce a few tears for Waltzing Matilda. Thanks for the song suggestions. I shall add them to my list.

    Jayne: I'm going to have to look up this Tim Freedman guy--well, in case things don't work out between me and Adam Hills.

  7. Jayne,

    I forgot that he's the guy on the video. Right? And here I was trying to google him image.

  8. Do yourself a real favour and look up "I'm a bloke" by Chris Franklin on youtube. You will know the real meaning of the word "bogan" after that.

  9. Anja,


    Thanks for the suggestion.

    Very funny.

    Here we call them "Rednecks"

  10. Yes it is Moira and you will see her more and more until she finally becomes a main cast member around season 7.

    Have you been able to start season 3 yet?

  11. @Dina: that's EXACTLY what I'm saying. It's a little known clause in the Australian immigration rule book. If you know all the words and can sing them with pride, you get automatic citizenship because it'll be plain to all that an Aussie heart beats in your body :)

  12. Darcy: I like Moira. I've seen her a little on Youtube. We haven't started season 3 yet. I'm thinking of checking the library. If all else fails, we could sit around the computer and watch it on Youtube.

    The Icognitrix: I better start working on learning some lyrics then!! Thanks for the heads up ; )

  13. The Boy Who Loves Mario BrothersAugust 23, 2008 at 2:51 PM


    My Agreements Are The Same Of Yours.

    If You Like Somthing That Another Person Likes Then Thats Good.

  14. Hunters and Collectors. That's another you can check out. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Paul Kelly. And Missy Higgins. I also love Clare Bowditch. I agree...listen to Kev Carmody's "From Little things Big Things Grow". Whitlams = tres cool. And yes it is in reference to our greatest prime minister ever: Gough baby.


  15. What! no Hunters and Collectors, Cold Chisel, Hoodoo Guru's, Midnight Oil or ACDC?

    tsk tsk tsk :P

  16. Jack: We like a lot of the same things! And we like some different things.

    Tracey: I've never heard of Hunters and Collectors. I'll look them up. Thanks!

    Bettina: I downloaded Midnight Oil stuff awhile back from ITunes. Someone had told me about Peter Garrett and his involvement with indigenous causes. I like the IDEA of the music, but so far I'm not totally in love with any of the songs. They may grow on me eventually. Who knows? Cold Chisel sounds familiar. I might have it on my playlist and just didn't include it in favorites???

  17. I like The Special Two - it never fails to inspire me. And Scar and Peachy. Yep, I'd say those are my favourites!

    Oh, and maybe Stuff and Nonsense too. So hard to choose ;)

    Have you heard Augie March? Because as you like The Whitlams and Missy then I'd guess you'd like them. Same sort of feel to a lot of their music, and great fun. 'One Crowded Hour' is a truly great song you could download off iTunes just to get a sample.

  18. Catatonic Kid,

    Thank you SO much for all the suggestions. I added them to my YouTube playlist.

    I have 69 songs now on my Aussie music list. It's pretty cool. I didn't even know you could make playlists.

    I will probably eventually download some of the music from I-Tunes.

  19. I could talk about Australian music all day....feel free to ignore me if I ramble!

    Here goes:

    If you like the Waifs, chances are you may like The Audreys. Try anything from their first album, "Between Last Night And Us"

    I wholeheartedly agree with the Augie March suggestion, also with Cold Chisel & Midnight Oil. For a gentle introduction to the Oils, try the songs "One Country" or "White Skin Black Heart" .

    If you like Paul Kelly, then singer-songwriters in a similar vein are Bernie Hayes, Paul Greene and Perry Keyes. All awesome.

    Other suggestions - Lior, the Go-Betweens, You Am I (try the "Hourly Daily" album), the Panics, definitely Hunters & Collectors...has anyone mentioned Powderfinger? (band of Bernard Fanning, who I know has been mentioned). And Sime Nugent, he's amazing.

    Okay, I could continue for ever, but I won't....

    G :)

  20. Gina,

    Awesome list! Thank you : )

  21. Something For Kate is a definite... De Ja Vu, Three Dimensions, Cigarettes And Suitcases. Other Australian musts (dependent on how hard you want to rock out) are Magic Dirt, Powderfinger, Little Birdy, Grinspoon, The Living End, Ben Lee.

  22. Aaron,

    Thank You!

    I loved a lot of what you suggested. Well, at the the first few seconds of the songs. I'll listen to more of it later.

    The "American Television" song looked awesome. I forget who sings it though. Maybe Ben Lee?

  23. Love the list but I cannot believe that no one has suggested INXS, i would highly recommend maybe By My Side, Listen Like Thieves, Original Sin, and Never Tear Us Apart. I have a few other you might like as well, Into my arms by Nick Cave, Flame Trees by Cold Chisel, True Blue by John Williamson, a few more Kev Carmody songs On the Wire, Cannot Buy My Soul and Droving Woman (has a McLeods Daughters feel) and if you like country Troy Casser-Daly.

  24. Maustin157,

    INXS was pretty popular over here so maybe people figured I would have heard them. I actually haven't heard much of their songs--except the really popular ones and the one that was played in Lost Boys. I forgot which one that was.

    Thanks for givine me some of their songs to add!!

    I'll definitely add them to my list! I have True Blue and like that song. I'm not a big country fan, but some songs begin to grow one me. Well, if I listen to them enough.

    I love Cold Chisel! And I'm excited that you gave me more Kev Carmody songs to find. I think I like him. Well, I like the "From Little Things, Big Things Grow Song."

    THANK YOU!!!!!!

  25. No worries Dina, just thought I would give you the web page of Kev Carmody, you can listen to some of his song on there.

  26. Maustin157,

    Thank you!! I couldn't find his songs on youtube--besides the one I already heard.

    This will be great!!! I'll listen to them on his website.