Friday, August 22, 2008

Another Music Post

In my last music post, I listed all my favorite Australian songs.

I still love those songs.   But now, thanks to suggestions via comments and other Aussie websites,  my horizons have been broadened.

Here are some new favorites.

1. "Australia" by Gyroscope.   Very beautiful song.  I don't get the lyrics too much though, which makes me think I really don't understand Australia as much as I thought I did.   But that's a good thing.    Having a lot to learn gives me a lot to look forward to.

2. "Great Southern Land" by Icehouse These lyrics make a little more sense to me.  I think?   Anyway, it's one of those songs in which the chorus gets stuck in your brain.

3. "To Her Door" by Paul Kelly  I LOVE this song. It's addictive.  Paul Kelly is sexy in a Elvis Presley kind of way.  OR....maybe he reminds me of a young Robert Di Nero.  Sean Penn too.

4. "Sounds of Then" (This is Australia) by GANGgajang  If your high school chemistry teacher made a music video, this is what it would look like.    

5. "Thank You" by the Whitlams Easy song to love.  Whitlam?  Is that supposed to be like the Prime Minister??

6. "Scar" by Missy Higgins.   She kind of reminds me of Jo from Facts of Life.  Her voice reminds me of Edie Brickell

7. "Working Class Man" by Jimmy Barnes   A classic Aussie song. I hadn't even heard of it though until I heard Adam Hill's new and improved version of Advance Australia Fair.

8. "Sweet about Me" by Gabriella Cilmi   This song is so incredibly awesome. Very sexy. It's pathetic and hard to believe that she's barely known in America. What's the deal? Her song should be number one here. On ALL the charts.

9. "Watch Over Me" by Bernard Fanning. This is a really beautiful song.    

10. "Bridal Train" by the Waifs  Very haunting and lovely.   I can hear the Aussie accent much more here than I can in other songs. 

11. "Am I Crazy" by Rebecca Lavelle Okay. I had to include at least one McLeod's Daughters song. This was in the first episode of Mcleod's Daughters. It made Jack cry and he asked for us to turn off the show.   The emotions were too overwhelming for him.  I had never seen my child so touched by a song before. Later, he was able to listen to it without getting too sad. It's a very beautiful song.