Saturday, August 30, 2008

Finding a Place to Sleep in Canberra

I've started to think that it might be time to start finding places to sleep while we're in Australia.

The other day, I looked into Canberra.

At first, I was very discouraged. I found a hotel within five miles of the tourist attractions I want us to see. The price LOOKED reasonable, but then when I plugged in our dates, it was very expensive.

I then remembered the whole holiday park thing! We stayed at a holiday park in Port Stephens and LOVED it.

We'll probably be a slightly larger distance away from tourist attractions, but I don't think it will be that much of a difference.

So, here are the two holiday parks I'm thinking we should stay at. Well, I mean we'd choose between the two. We won't be staying at both places.

Capital Country Holiday Village

The Carotel

I'm very excited about the idea of staying at another Holiday Park. It will be a bit different from Port Stephens because there we were lazy and didn't venture out much. We spent the whole time relaxing and just hanging out.

In Canberra, we're going to be very busy. I want to spend one day at the zoo, one day at Questacon, and one day at the National Museum of Australia.

But it will be nice to come home in the evening and hang out at the pool, meet people, look for kangaroos, etc.

I'm already a bit stressed out about the museums. I feel there will be so much to see, and that we really need five days EACH for both of them. If you think I'm being unrealistic....I'm the girl who went to Sydney Aquarium and Sydney Wildlife World almost everyday.

Oh well. I guess we can't have it all. Although we might add ONE extra day to Canberra.


MsJamie said...

They both look like very cool places!! You're going to have so much fun.

Dina said...


Thanks! I'm really excited about going there.

Catatonic Kid said...

Questacon rocks! I used to force my parents to stop there on our way to the snowy mountains. It's full of geeky toys that are just as much fun for grown-ups as for the kids they're designed for.

Just so you know though Canberra has basically zero night life. There are approximately two half-way decent restaurants. And the city shuts down real early. So I think it's a good idea you're picking the holiday park.

I stayed in the Carotel once with my Mum. It's a bit more central, and the area is nice to walk around as I recall. Good facilities but that was a few years back now.

tribog from planet xzzzumph said...

I dunno if there would be a day's worth of time at the zoo?

I could be wrong, it has been about five years since I went there - one of my bros is a fireman in Canberra.

The museum is good, and so is Questacon

Eilleen said...

If it was me, I would stay at the Carotel... the White Ibis/Capital Country is very very close to the long stay caravan park and that can get rough at times... that's the reputation anyway. It could just be local myth.

Questacon and the Museum are definitely worth a whole day!

I also like the zoo but you know, its a LOT smaller than many other zoos so you may be disappointed. To me its perfect for my 5 year and 4 year old 'cause they can walk the whole thing without needing a pram or be carried.

I live near the ONC (our nation's capital). If you ever want to meet up at Questacon, let me know - we're members there so we go all the time.

When are you going?

Dina said...

Catatonic Kid: I've heard awesome things about Questacon. I think Jack will love it. We will too! It reminds me of a museum we have in Chicago. I'm not really into the night-life thing, so that's fine. I'm glad to know you liked Carotel!

Tribog: You're probably right about the zoo--especially if it's hot. We went to Taronga and expected to spend the whole day there. We were ready to go within a couple of hours.

Eileen: Thanks for the heads up about the holiday parks!! It's always hard to know whether things like that are myth or fact...and whether the danger still exists or the place has changed.

I would love to meet up with you guys!! Email me at if you have a chance and we can discuss dates!

Retarius said...

I haven't been to Canberra in a long time (19 years). Back then there were a lot of restaurants in a district called Manuka (Mah-n'kah) and they competed fiercely for clients. On slow nights you'd be bailed up by spruikers as you walked past them. I tried several and found them excellent.

Dina said...


That reminds me of Manly. You walk down the street and the restaurant managers compete for your business.

Little Italy in NYC is like that too.