Sunday, August 17, 2008

We're Waiting....

Tim belongs to this video rental program from Blockbusters.  (hey, do you guys have Blockbuster in Australia???)  He picks DVDs online.  They mail it to him.  When he's done watching it, he mails it back, and they send him another DVD.

This is how we watched season two of Mcleod's Daughters.   Thanks to Tim, we own season one.

Now we're waiting for season three.

The problem is it seems that someone has gotten season three and is not giving it back.   I can't really complain because Tim had the first two discs for season two and he gave me those the same day he gave me the purchased Season One DVD.    We held on to season two while getting through all episodes of Season one.   An episode a day.   That's twenty-two days to get through season one and then four more days to get through the first disc of season two.   So we held on to a disc for about 25 days or so.    Hopefully, no one was waiting too eagerly for it.

I have no problems waiting for a month or so to see season three.   What I worry about is someone having season three and well.....just having it.   Maybe they lost interest in the Blockbuster program, but they're too lazy to cancel it.  Maybe they have the DVD under a pile of papers with no interest or plans to send it back.

That would be sad.

I miss our show.

It was such a summer tradition.  Every night, we'd sit on the couch together and watch it together.

Please?  Hello?   If you're out there?    Someone?   Please return Season Three of McLeod's Daughters to Blockbuster.   Please?   Please!   I'll be your best friend and invite you to all my birthday parties.