Thursday, October 2, 2008

Things to Do in The South Coast

In a way, I hesitate even writing this because I wonder if we ever will actually do anything in Shellharbor.

I had plans for Port Stephens-- a sand dunes tour and a dolphin cruise. We did none of it.  We were so lazy.  We went to the pool and beach every day.  That's about it.  Once we took a drive out to Nelson Bay to see that.   And we also drove to a shopping center a few times for groceries.   The rest of the time was just pure laziness.   I was so lazy I didn't even get dressed on some days.   I'd wear my sleeping clothes (t-shirt and shorts) to bed, wake up and wear that during the day; then wear it to bed again.  I probably should have taken a shower since the pool had such high chlorine levels.   Oh well, I survived.   And I don't think I smelled that bad.

I think, though, that maybe we were just tired from three weeks of playing tourist in Sydney.

So, hopefully we'll be a tiny bit less lazy in Shellharbour and actually do one or two things.

Here's a list of possibilities:

1. Dolphin Watch Cruise I hope we don't miss this again. I think it'll be fun. Actually, I think honestly, in Port Stephens, we were turned off by the whole dolphin thing. We had just done a dolphin encounter in Mexico and it was not so wonderful.

2. Illawarra Fly Treetop Walk- This looks awesome, but a bit scary.  I did survive the Bridge Climb, but I'm not sure if I'm totally over my fear of heights.   Tim's still scared.  And I also have a a thing about Jack being with me.  I'm more scared when he's there.  I guess I fear he's going to fall?  I don't know. I have weird fears.

3. Symbio Wildlife Park- I like wildlife parks and so does Jack. I think I've finally figured out the difference between Wildlife Parks and zoos.  I THINK?  Wildlife parks have native animals, while zoos display animals from all over.

4. Wollongong Science Center and Planetarium-This doesn't look too exciting, but if we need to bribe Jack, we can use this.  For example, if Questacon is about to close and he's showing unhappiness about that, we can promise him a trip to this museum.

5. Cathedral Rocks-This looks so beautiful, but maybe it's just the photography.

6. Kiama Blowhole-This name keeps popping up in my research.  I'm thinking maybe we should make it a priority.

7. Macquarie Pass National Park-This sounds pretty nice. 

8. Budderoo National Park-We'll probably do only one park.  It's just a matter of deciding which one to do.   Or maybe we'll do multiple ones.   Who knows?  This one has the Minamurra Rainforest which seems really awesome.

9. Kangaroo Valley-This looks nice.  Very eco-friendly.  The Pioneer Museum Park looks fun and we can see Fitzroy Falls.    I'd like to see a place like that.   It's about an hour away from Shellharbour.  It might be a good place to go on the way there from Canberra.  OR...we could go on the way to Canberra from Sydney.

As for the beach,  we'll be staying at a Holiday Park that's located near a beach. So, we'll do that a lot too.

I also think at some point, Tim might go diving.   Well, since he's certified.  I've heard Jervis Bay is good for that.


  1. Ahhh, Perth is the place to be - bogans, bull ants, boondies, bore water and beer!

  2. Cookster,

    I'll keep that in mind ; )

  3. I'll lend my vote to the blow hole, an icon for sure.

    Minamurra is etched in thousands of Sydney sider's minds as the destination of every unimaginative geography excursion in high school... But I suspect it is actually beautiful if I leave my prejudice aside.

    Kangaroo Valley is stunning, and if you can make the time to drive up the escarpment to Robertson, there is a pie shop that, while possibly not as great as it once was, is still very fine.

    And the diving is awesome. I don't dive, but my other half was a dive master, and did a lot of diving down there.

    The whole south coast is too cold for me, but I like the forests, I am a big fan of a State Forest. :)

  4. Minamurra Rainforest is GORGEOUS!

    sounds like a good mix of things to consider :)

  5. All those great things to do - I want to go tooooo!

  6. Ariane: We just have to see this blow hole thing, don't we?

    I talked to my husband and he said he wants to dive near Bare Island instead. I think it will be easier because we won't have to drive as far.

    When I was young we lived in Madison Wisconsin. They had forests there and I remember loving them.

    We're going to be in the South Coast in February so I'm thinking it won't be THAT cold. I'm not a big fan of the cold either.

    I'll look out for the pie shop if we go in that direction.

    Bettina: It sounds beautiful!!! I'm excited.

    msjamie: I wish you could come with! That would be awesome!! You could do Reiki on all of us ; )

  7. I can't add anything about any of those attractions, but just want to say there's nothing wrong with being lazy! You should always schedule time to be lazy. Being lazy in Australia is a great thing. (goodness knows I do it all the time ;) ) Just breathe it in, and think, "Hey, I'm being lazy, and I'm doing it in Australia!!"

  8. Tors,

    lol. I like that..."Being lazy in Australia."

    It reminds me of one of my friends. She said she could sell me anything by telling me it was from Australia.

    I agree about being lazy. It's just hard for me when I'm in a place that I'm excited about being in. I'm VERY lazy at home. But then when I go to a place I'm excited about, I go nuts. I went totally nuts in Sydney so by the time we got to Port Stephens, we were all totally exhausted.