Friday, November 14, 2008

Kevin Rudd Hurt My Feelings

Cellobella had a post about Kevin Rudd's new website, so I decidedLink to check it out.    That guy looks like such a sweetie. I just want to reach out and cuddle him. I don't know. I think he's one of them most adorable politicians I've ever seen.

The website reminded me a lot of Obama's website. Both websites have the purpose of two-way communication. We're going to be all open and tell you what's going on in the government. And ALSO.....we want to hear from you! That kind of thing.

I thought it was so cool that Kevin Rudd wanted MY opinion. Although I couldn't quite think of any good opinions to share. But I could at least sign up for his email newsletter.

Emails from Kevin Rudd. How cool would that be!

Well, it turns out that I can't get them because I don't live in Australia.

I feel very excluded and rejected right now.

I understand that I can't vote in Australia elections and I can't check out library books in Australia libraries. But excluded from a Kevin Rudd newsletter? Why? Why!

I checked out the Obama website to see if they're all country cliquish too. They are!

How sad is that.

I know I could lie and pretend I'm from Australia. I can pick a suburb to pretend to live in, and find out the postcode and all that. But I don't like being dishonest. It feels like crashing a wedding. You feel all sneaky and clever. But there's also something sad about it. At least I think so. You know you don't really belong.

I am feeling rejected by the most adorable politician in the world.

Now I'm going to HAVE to move to Australia--just so I can get emails from Kevin Rudd.

MAYBE though....maybe when we visit Australia, I can sign up. Well, because that would be only a half-lie. I'll give the postcode of the hotel/apartment we're staying in. Then I'll just conveniently forget to end my mailing list membership when we return to America.

Yes! I think I'll do that.


Anja said...

Bother, that's a bit rude, methinks. Why can't Americans receive a newsletter? Seems a bit silly.

Jayne said...

The Ruddster is....different, shall we say.
Have a look at this
to learn a bit more about our PM lol.

Bettina said...

That's interesting. I wonder if expats can sign up.......

Don't feel rejected....... we still wuvs ya! ;)

Dina said...

Anja: Well, Obama is rude too. What's the deal with these people?

Jayne: LOL. I heard of that incident, but never saw it before. I think I heard of it on the Rove. He gave some alternate excuse for what he was doing. But seeing that video, I really can't imagine any alternative. I think he must know something we don't. And that is that ear wax is high in protein and vitamins.

Bettina: Expats. I never thought of that. They could sign up by just giving their old postcode....I guess. I think I could sign up to by just giving any postcode. I doubt it has some kind of tracking device. Thanks for the love!!!!

Ariane said...

Dina, I reckon that is the first and only time someone has given that reason to move to Australia....

Dina said...


Who knows. Maybe I'll start a trend--people who move to Australia so they can get email from
Kevin Rudd ; )

Fe said...

Ummm.... I'm on Obama's mailing list. Maybe because my email addy is not australian-specific?

Have been all through the campaign.

Now I'll have to go and sign up to Chairman Rudd's. (wink)


Dina said...


Did you have to put in a zip code?

I just tried doing the Obama one with an Australian postcode. It led me to a page that asked for my name, address, phone #, etc. It said my zip code was invalid.

BUT it does allow you to put another country outside of the US. So I'm guessing it's just an oversight.

Maybe it's the same for Rudd. I'll have to go and try it....

Cellobella said...


I think he's a bit wet to be adorable but I do think the fact he can speak Mandarin impressive.

Obama now - he's a president to be proud of. Good looking, sexy and yet cool and statesmanlike.

I like living in Obama-world.

Michael said...

Rudd raised a lot of expectations when he was elected. He has turned out to be a process-driven bureaucrat.

I hope Obama remains the visionary statesman he seems to be. He's certainly the best orator I've heard for a long time anywhere in the world.

Rudd is a small-town mayor by comparison.

Dina said...

Cellobella: Well, I get to live in Obama-country. So there! Okay, see I'm feeling a bit bitchy and spiteful about the Kevin Rudd rejection ; )

Michael: I hope he can live up to people's expectations. I think if we have realistic ones, he will. If we're too idealistic, he won't.

It's a very exciting time for America--and the whole world. But there WILL be disappointments. There will come a time when Obama does not do what we wanted him to do. Hopefully, we can continue to have faith and not abandon hope at the first mistake.

If he KEEPS making mistakes and things go really bad....then that's a different story.

Ali said...

I think you should get emails from Kevin as he should be serving all the people living in Australia and not only Australian citizens right?

Dina said...


I don't live in Australia. I live in America. As long as you have an Australian zip code, you can sign up. You don't need to be a citizen.

It wouldn't be crazy Aussie-loving Americans like me who are left out though. What about Australians living overseas?? I think they might be excluded too.

Jack said...


Those people must be Liberal if they only allow Aussies on there.


Dina said...


I think they are the Labor party, not Liberal.

I think it was probably just a mistake.

I love you!!!