Friday, November 14, 2008

Kevin Rudd Hurt My Feelings

Cellobella had a post about Kevin Rudd's new website, so I decidedLink to check it out.    That guy looks like such a sweetie. I just want to reach out and cuddle him. I don't know. I think he's one of them most adorable politicians I've ever seen.

The website reminded me a lot of Obama's website. Both websites have the purpose of two-way communication. We're going to be all open and tell you what's going on in the government. And ALSO.....we want to hear from you! That kind of thing.

I thought it was so cool that Kevin Rudd wanted MY opinion. Although I couldn't quite think of any good opinions to share. But I could at least sign up for his email newsletter.

Emails from Kevin Rudd. How cool would that be!

Well, it turns out that I can't get them because I don't live in Australia.

I feel very excluded and rejected right now.

I understand that I can't vote in Australia elections and I can't check out library books in Australia libraries. But excluded from a Kevin Rudd newsletter? Why? Why!

I checked out the Obama website to see if they're all country cliquish too. They are!

How sad is that.

I know I could lie and pretend I'm from Australia. I can pick a suburb to pretend to live in, and find out the postcode and all that. But I don't like being dishonest. It feels like crashing a wedding. You feel all sneaky and clever. But there's also something sad about it. At least I think so. You know you don't really belong.

I am feeling rejected by the most adorable politician in the world.

Now I'm going to HAVE to move to Australia--just so I can get emails from Kevin Rudd.

MAYBE though....maybe when we visit Australia, I can sign up. Well, because that would be only a half-lie. I'll give the postcode of the hotel/apartment we're staying in. Then I'll just conveniently forget to end my mailing list membership when we return to America.

Yes! I think I'll do that.