Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Some Slightly Funny Things

In the past few days, I've noticed a lot of birthdays being mentioned on my blogroll. It started with two happy-birthday-to-me posts in one day. I thought that was a bit of a coincidence. And then there were more birthday posts in the days after that. It's like everyone decided to be born in the beginning of November. Most people on my blogroll are Australian so then I started there something up with that? Do a lot of Australians have sex in February? Or maybe Australian babies born in November are more likely to grow up to be bloggers?

All these birthday people--they'd be Scorpios. Do Scorpios make good bloggers? Maybe it's about being an Australian Scorpio?

Anyway, Happy Birthday to all of you! I'll even say happy birthday to those of you not born in November because I'm horrible at remembering birthdays. So, when I forget your birthday, just remember that I said happy birthday here.



Remember how I wrote that post about keywords and one of the keyword phrases was Rachel Carpani nude? Well, now that I actually wrote the words Rachel Carpani nude, I'm getting more and more people looking for Rachel Carpani nude. I've become like the naked Rachel Carpani headquarters. Kind of sad that I don't even have a nude picture of her.

Those of you looking for Rachel Carpani in her birthday suit, I'm sorry to disappoint you. Maybe you can just close your eyes and imagine her nude.

Third thing: I'm being molested by a very annoying fly. I don't know what his deal is, but I think he might have taken lessons from those Australian Bush flies. American flies are usually not this annoying!

Interesting. I just found a website about the Aussie fly. It says the smaller ones are more annoying. This fly bothering me is small! Maybe she really is from Australia. If she is, can we assume her birthday is in November? I might also assume she's having sexual fantasies about Rachel Carpani.

Well, thanks for listening.....


jamesobrien said...

As one of those Scorpio bloggers you mentioned, I was curious too, so I checked Australian Bureau of Statistics figures for the period 1997-2007. Interestingly, November is generally the month with the lowest number of births in Australia...

Dina said...

The link isn't working for me, but I'll take your word for it.

I doubt though that most people writing blogs would be born before 1997.

Maybe having sex in February was popular a few decades ago, but now that has gone out of style.

Jayne said...

As a Scorpio blogger, ta for the b'day wishes lol ;)

Ariane said...

My family has two November and a December birthday - no good reason I can think of!

And there is an award over on my blog for you Dina - thanks for reading!

Dina said...

Jayne: I'm ALMOST a Scorpio. I'm a cusp girl.

Ariane: Thanks for the award!!

Bettina said...

well I'm a March baby.

I feel out of place now....... nigel-ated even.......... *sob*

and your right - the smaller the fly the worse they are, especially those little biddy ones that sorta stick to ya! Oooo oh and those bitey ones!

Gina said...

Another Australian Scorpio here...late October though, not November.

Now you mention it, I do have a very disproportionate number of friends and family members whose birthdays are around the same time as mine.


Dina said...

Bettina: I think I can manage to still love you even though you were born in March. It might be a slight challenge, but I have such a giving heart. MAYBE I can manage ; )

Jack saw the fly first. It was in his room. He came in whining to me about it. He confessed he was scared the bug would go in his mouth.

I tried to be comforting and said that rarely happens. I said that's the kind of thing that happens in Australia with THEIR flies. Then I wanted to hit myself. I've been trying to convince him to move to Australia. How is that helping with my argument?!

Anyway, the next thing I knew, the fly was in the office buzzing around me like a little Aussie fly.

Gina: I think we're on to something here. Happy belated birthday to you.

Retarius said...

Ah! That's what was missing from an Auspirational blog - the flies!!

They've just started their seasonal surge here in W.A. We have a programme that's been running in fits and starts for 35 years to introduce dung beetle species to Australia to starve the flies out. Unfortunately, they tend not to adapt to the seasonal pattern here and they have to be constantly replenished because of the inhibition of their breeding.

Those joke hats you see in cartoons, with corks hanging around the brim, are quite funny for an unintentional reason; any real Australian knows that they'd just provide a place for the bushflies to rest in between sessions of drinking your sweat.

As humans are a comparatively recent arrival on this continent (70 000 years), the bushfly hasn't evolved a "tactical awarenss" of humans in the way that the domestic fly has. Thus, as they're designed for pestering critters without hands, you can practically take hold of them and pick them off. Of course, they swarm in numbers too great for this to be useful. The futile hand wave (which doesn't matter a damn to the bushfly) is known as "The Great Australian Salute".

mscherrylane said...

well don't blame me cos I was born in a country where there are no seasons- it's hot all year round! Just in case you wanted to attribute it to something seasonal ie like people spend more time in the sack in winter or something or the heat makes people get their gear off and more lascivious in summer or something.

here's my 2c: I think you are just the type of person who will attract Scorpios because you write all the interesting little in depth details which we thrive on but others might preceive as extraneous excessive information they didn't really need or want to know in the first place!

oh which cusp? If I had to guess I'll take a stab at the libra side of Scorpio- no? you should tell me your birthday details so I can input you into my lifelong archival database of all the people I have ever met...of course this was born out of the valid curiosity to know whether astrology was a whole bunch of crap or not?! Purely in the interests of "scientific" research of course ;) must know now that I totally believe it- the patterning and characteristic similarities between groups based on dates is absolutely remarkable and if something doesn't quite make sense you need only go deeper into their chart to see the other planetary influences at work and go ahhhhhh!

p.s the taiwanese have a great invention if you feel the need to harm an insect- the electrified flyswat! LOL

Rebecca/beccaelf said...

Thank you for the birthday wishes!

Isn't it your birthday this month as well? I don't think you ever said the specific day, but I think it's somewhere around the 21-23....

So Happy Birthday to you as well!

Dina said...


I think it's mostly bad luck to bring in one animal to get rid of another animal. Isn't that what happened with the cane toad?

Maybe sometimes it DOES work though. Obviously it doesn't work too well though since there's still that Aussie salute thing. I think I did more Aussie salute stuff here in my office in America than I actually did in Australia.

When my sister went to Australia, they went to Uluru. There's photos of them wearing some kind of anti-fly hat thing.

Dina said...


At first I was thinking you meant Australia, and I thought you were a bit confused because it does get cold in Australia. I know this from all the whining I heard in the blogging world a few months ago.

So, what country were you born in???? Is it Taiwan? Is that why you're promoting Taiwanese anti-insect technology?

Okay, well....I just looked up Taiwan and it gets cold there too.

Now I'm totally curious.

I'm thinking maybe it's Australia and you're just a bit delusional about the weather. You're not alone. One of my favorite songs is called "I want to live in Australia." One of the lines of the song talks about it being summer all year round there.

I'd love to be added to your chart thing. How much info do you need?

I'm actually more of a Sagittarius. My birthday is the 22. Some books/websites don't believe in the cusp thing and they said I was a Sagittarius. I think I'm a little bit of both.

Dina said...


Thanks!!! I'm so impressed you remembered my birthday.

Happy birthday to you!!!!

Anything special planned???????

Rebecca/beccaelf said...

I should probably do something, since it's a milestone birthday.

I'm not a fancy girl though, so I don't know. Maybe just a nice dinner.

Dina said...


I hope it ends up being lovely....wherever you decide to do.

mscherrylane said...

wow you are seriously cusp! by my books you're a scorpio...just.

no I think I'd know if Australia didn't have seasons.

And doesn't Taiwan have seasons cos it's in the northern hemisphere?

Be prepared to go ahhhhh.....

I was born on the equator! No seasons! Stinking humid hot all year round! They have monsoon season though I think...

nah I just noticed the Taiwanese probably taking a note out of the inventiveness of the Japanese always have cool gadgets.

More of a Saggit? okay that makes sense...I am scorpio with not only quite a bit of libra but also quite a bit of saggit- no wonder I couldn't decide what you were? I just know you're similar!you can either email me your details or input them at if you're curious then send me the generated profile so I can look at your chart. I'll be keen to see how our charts match up cos I suspect we may have cross over.

Dina said...


Since when was the equator a country?????

I'm doing the chart thing now. I'll email it to you. I'm trying to figure out if it sounds like me or not.

(dis)enchanted said...

I'm scorpio/sag cusp... we just all like to talk/write!

as for the flies. the size has no relevance. they are all, ALL annoying. it is actually the ONLY thing i *don't* miss about being out of the country. imagine that!? ha!

Dina said...


I read your comment in my email and at first I thought you said files instead of flies. And you know how sometimes you forget what you wrote and have no idea what people are talking about in comments.

I was searching my brain...trying to remember what I had written about files.

It's so weird about the birthdays though. I am thinking someone should do a real scientific study--see if Scorpio/Sag people are more likely to blog.

Maybe I will put a survey on my blog. It won't be scientific though.....