Sunday, January 25, 2009


Happy Australia Day!

To honor all you Australians, Jack and I had Vegemite on toast.

BUT as I've said before.....

In my life, EVERY day is Australia Day.


  1. Happy Australia Day, Dina!

    From a girl who is glad she is Australian!

    Sonja :o)

  2. Sonja,

    Thank you! I hope you have a wonderful day!

  3. Visiting from WTBAY. Hope you have a great day, and I'm amazed that anyone can navigate the international date line well enough to blog for OUR 26th. Well done!

  4. Hippomanic Jen,

    Hi! Thanks. I think I may actually have this time difference thing under control. Maybe I'll even start remembering birthdays on time. Oh well...I doubt that.

    I'm embarrassed because I had no idea what WTBAY was. I thought it was some Australian island somewhere I was mad at myself for not recognizing it.

  5. Happy Australia Day!I have yet to try Vegemite. How did you get a hold of it here in the states?

  6. Happy Australia Day to you also Dina. Just heard a heap of fireworks go off on Oz Day at nightfall. Enjoy your trip.

  7. Good on you! the fact you actually appreciate Vegemite, makes you already qualify for a citizenship in my eyes lol- I don't really think a citizenship is such a "dream"- I think it would be quite easy for you to become one- they said 1/5 of today's recipients were from the UK so I think if you're caucasian, educated/have vocational skills and can speak English you have a good chance already!

  8. Ricardo: Hi! You can order it from: They have all kinds of Aussie goodies. They're sometimes out of stock though.

    Andrew: Thank you!

    mscherrylane: The main thing standing in my way is my child. He's VERY reluctant to go. I could be very mean and just force him. I might do that if an opportunity landed on our lap. But I feel wrong actively pursuing my dream when it's something he strongly doesn't want. I have gotten him to agree to spending a long HOLIDAY there. We might (just the two of us) spend three months there in a few years. And I'm hoping that one day he'll change his mind and WANT to live there. I doubt it though. He LOVED Australia. He loves Disney World. But he's never unhappy to go home again.

    As for the more official stuff. I wish I didn't agree with you on the Caucasian stuff, but there may be subtle truth to that. My family is half Asian though, so....We do speak fluent English and we're all Westernized. We have skills, but they're not the very needed skills list.

    Last year, I was in a state of "If this dream doesn't come true, I'll be miserable for the rest of my life."

    Now I'm kind of at peace with things. I'd love to be Australian, but if it doesn't happen...I'm happy visiting and having a blog about Australia.

    That all might change once I visit again. Oh well.

  9. Happy Australia Day to you, too Dina, albeit a little late. Next year we'll have to send you a lamington recipe!

  10. miss diarist,


    That would probably be a better way to celebrate!

  11. When I was a kid..... All I wanted to do is live in the USA!!
    Life is funny.

    Enjoy your holidays!!

  12. Mr Spooky,


    When I was a child, I wanted to live in OZ...but the one where the Tin Man and Scarecrow live. I think I also wanted to live in Neverland.

    Why did you want to live in the USA?

  13. I guess because when I was a child all of the 'cool' tv shows and music groups were from America.

    I was exposed to so much American culture it just seemed to a child to be the most desirable place on Earth!

    I would still like to visit one day, but as an adult I'm happy here at home. Even thou I still watch more American tv than Australian!

  14. Mr. Spooky,

    I was very surprised by how much American television Australians get! That might have been my biggest culture shock. In America, most of our TV shows come from America--especially on the main channels. That's probably one of the reasons we're so ethnocentric.

    I think even Americans though are enchanted by television. I think we get a very idealistic view of California and NYC because most TV shows seem to take place there.