Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Letting Things Go

I'll admit it. We're not light-packers. We're not the type of people who can squish a holiday into a small duffel bag. We're bringing two medium/large suitcases and a duffel bag. Plus, we're all bringing backpacks on the plane.

Clothes-wise, we're packing about a week's worth with plans to do laundry.

Toiletries and medicine-wise, we're bringing more this year than last year. Last year, I thought it would be cool to buy Aussie toiletries. Now I know the prices of Aussie stuff vs. American stuff. We're bringing our own! We might miss a few things and need to get more. But I think we're the most part, we're set. Ah, just remembered. I need to pack cotton for ear drops!

We have let a few things go. I had planned to take a video camera. But then I changed my mind. If I take it, I'm going to want to film people we hang out with. That leads us to the awkward moment of asking permission to film. I'd feel I have to do this because if I took videos, I'd edit them and put them on YouTube. I wouldn't want to do this without permission...especially if I filmed someone's children. Plus, I want to ENJOY my time in Australia and not worry about having to film stuff.

Tim has decided not to take his huge fancy camera. I'm so relieved about this! He became a bit obsessive last year. I'll admit. He did take some awesome photos. But there were moments I wanted to say. Hello? Are you part of our family or our private photographer? And that camera is heavy!

We're just going to take our small little point/shoot digital camera. I think this is totally enough!

This returns me to the issue of asking permission because I'll probably put photos up here. But I think people do that a lot without asking. At least from what I see on other blogs. Or maybe people DO get permission? How about this? If you read this blog, you're planning to see me, and you don't want photos of you and your children showcased, tell me! Otherwise, I'll just imagine you're okay with it. I hope!

I personally don't think photos are as intrusive as video. But that's just me. I know some people are very sensitive about it, and I respect that.

We were planning to take two laptops, and then I realized how stupid that was. I thought it would keep Jack busy on the plane, but he's rarely used it the other times we've traveled with it. We may end up fighting for the one laptop if we end up in a room that has Internet Access. But I'm thinking it's good I stay away from the computer. If I go on the Internet just for a quick hello....I'll end up checking my email which will take way too much time.

 My family writes emails back and forth everyday. There will be TONS of stuff to fish through. Someone will write something controversial. I'll feel the immediate need to respond. This will take about thirty minutes. Then I'll go to write a quick entry on my blog. I'll see my blogroll. I'll start missing everyone and decide to read their blog entries. I'll realize I'm lost because I haven't read in a few days. I'll start reading back entries. I'll find a controversial post. I will either spend way too much time responding or I'll obsess about it all day.

SO....the more I stay away from the computer, the better!

I probably will need to check every so often. I hope I don't sign on more than once a week though. The again, if it's 40 million degrees outside, the Internet might be our only fun.

I have a little purple purse with my spiritual tools in it. I have these little spirit guide cards in them that I made. Yes, I'm weird. I decided not to take the cards. I'm leaving the whole purse behind. I feel if the spirit world needs to give me a message, they'll find a way to get it across. There's always dreams and synchronicity. I trust in those messages more anyway. I'm losing faith in the cards. It's seeming a bit random lately. In the beginning, the cards made a lot of sense and fit my life. Now I usually read them and think Huh? What?

 I can make them fit a little, but I have to REALLY stretch my imagination.

I'm also not a big believer in ritual and material items when it comes to spirituality. I think it's fine to have those things. I have a few. But I don't like the idea of becoming too dependent on them. I also don't like the idea of becoming too attached to them. I think it's good I'm leaving them at home.

I was going to take a journal to record any meaningful dreams or "coincidences" I have. But I rarely have that much to write. And the journal is heavy. So I just grabbed a handful of notebook papers and stuck them in my backpack. That should be enough.


  1. Hi Dina, hope you have a good trip. Just thought i would let you know that the weather in Sydney is going to be between 28 to 30 degrees celcius for the next week but just be glad that your not going to Adelaide or Melbourne because they are experiencing a once in 100 year heat wave at the moment and yesterday it was 46 in Adelaide and 44 in Melbourne and i think around the same today. P.s the prices in Australia will be a lot cheaper now that the aussies dollar has dropped so much to the US dollar.

  2. Oh boy, do I feel your pain! I am a terrible overpacker and then think and rethink my choices. I don't know whether it's better or worse when the flight's to the US and you can take 2 suitcases...

  3. Hay Dina, have a great trip. I'm off out of here myself next week - I'm trading a week of my summer for just above freezing in Tokyo! Can't quite believe I'm doing that. Sadly one can't organise work around the weather.

  4. Are you sure you won't change your mind on any of the stuff you let go? You still have time you know :-)

  5. Packing is the worst. No matter what I decide to take or leave behind, it's the wrong decision.

    Hope the weather is behaving itself a little more by the time you get here. Sydney's not too bad right now. I left Melbourne a few days ago as the heat was hitting. The drive back was pretty awful each time we got out of the car.

  6. Matt: I hope Sydney weather stays nice! 46 and 44 seems so extreme for those areas. I'm guessing weather records are being broken. ???

    I totally forgot about the Aussie dollar. That's a good point. I'll feel better about buying stuff we run out of...or stuff we forgot. Oh and of course, we'll buy souvenirs.

    miss diarist: I just looked up the weight restrictions on our flight. It's 20 kilo. That seems light to me. I'm nervous. I'm less nervous about going there and more nervous about coming back. We'll have to make sure we don't buy too much heavy stuff. Although I'm sure we'll get rid of a lot of stuff to...such as our toiletries.

    Ariane: I hate cold weather! We flew through Japan last time. It was annoying having to stop at a cold place before getting to Sydney because we had to fill our suitcase with coats. This time we're flying through WARM Hawaii. Anyway, I hope it's not too cold in Tokyo.

    M+B: Are you trying to make me doubt myself? Huh?

    Lee: I can't imagine being in Melbourne right now.

    I'm not sure I've ever chosen not to bring something and then regretted it. But I have FORGOTTEN things and regretted it.

  7. Hi Dina.

    Have a good trip! Well done on the packing. I usually feel the need to carry everything I possess with me at all times......

    Looking forward to hanging out with you at some stage.


  8. Gina,

    Thank you!! I look forward to seeing you.

    I do carry a backpack a lot (instead of a purse) because I have so much stuff I feel I need to take with me...a book (just in case I get stuck somewhere and I'm bored) and a big water bottle (in case I'm thirsty) and then all kinds of crap that I've forgotten to take out.