Friday, January 30, 2009


Besides fearing the flights home, I'm feeling incredibly good right now.

I feel hopeful.

I feel satisfied.

I feel spiritual

I feel excited.

I feel love.

I'm excited for all the very special moments I'll have with Jack and Tim.

I'm excited to see my friends.

I'm excited to meet new friends.

I'm excited to see my cousins.

I'm excited to see extremely deadly animals...with a thick piece of glass between us.

I'm excited to ride the Manly Ferry.

I'm excited to have picnics in the park.

I'm excited to go to Australian museums.

I'm excited to get that VERY special phone call from my family.

I'm excited to take long walks.

I'm excited to find treasures in used bookstores.

I'm excited for all the silly moments and the shared laughter.

I'm excited for those moments where I feel so much at home that I forget where I am. Then suddenly I remember I'm halfway across the world. And it all feels amazing.