Friday, January 30, 2009


Besides fearing the flights home, I'm feeling incredibly good right now.

I feel hopeful.

I feel satisfied.

I feel spiritual

I feel excited.

I feel love.

I'm excited for all the very special moments I'll have with Jack and Tim.

I'm excited to see my friends.

I'm excited to meet new friends.

I'm excited to see my cousins.

I'm excited to see extremely deadly animals...with a thick piece of glass between us.

I'm excited to ride the Manly Ferry.

I'm excited to have picnics in the park.

I'm excited to go to Australian museums.

I'm excited to get that VERY special phone call from my family.

I'm excited to take long walks.

I'm excited to find treasures in used bookstores.

I'm excited for all the silly moments and the shared laughter.

I'm excited for those moments where I feel so much at home that I forget where I am. Then suddenly I remember I'm halfway across the world. And it all feels amazing.


  1. Hope it is all you anticipate..and that you are refreshed when you do return home. What time ..Sydney time do you arrive and what day?...and fancy sending me the flight number just in case?


  2. I am excited for you too..

    Also you mentioned australian authors and I keep on forgetting to tell you to try and read Tim Winton's novel Cloudstreet. I think that you would like it.. Actually anything by Tim Winton is pretty good and very australian..

  3. I can't believe I've logged on and you're on your way ... I've a confession to make ... I've been watching 2 hours of your favourite show every Saturday night for the past few weeks and they've billed tonights as the 'final' ... so while you're out there somewhere I'm thinking of you ... Onya Mate. xo

  4. I hope you have a fab time!! I went to Australia for the first time last March and I want to go back as soon as I can!

  5. I'm excited for you. Being in another place is the best. Happy travels.

  6. I hope you have a blast and the Aussies are kind to you!!

  7. Hey, that is so cool have a safe trip home and enjoy it to the max!

  8. I hope it's all exciting and wonderful for you. I have a little bling for you at my place, you awesome person.

  9. I hope you are enjoying our shores and not melting in the heat.

  10. Hope you are having a ball!

    And not melting in this heat

  11. So today two things made me think of you.

    I was out driving and stopped next to this lady who had a vanity plate that said "AUSLADY" and had Australia stickers all over her car, and that made me think of you and hoped you were having a good time.

    THEN i saw the news about wildfires going on in Australia and I worried about you! I wasn't really sure if you'd be in the affected part or not, but I hope you are ok!

  12. Found your blog via magikquilter, ugh, I know what you mean about the Langoliers - I saw the movie - it totally freaked me out too. I do try not to think about on long haul flights though, especially when there's lightning around!

  13. Sorry that last comment wasn't supposed to be anonymous - I am the one who found you via Magikquilter. I just hit enter a little quickly before I could fill in my details!

  14. Hi dina, I hope you are having a good holiday here and the heat is not too problematic, can't wait to read about it1

  15. Gosh, we're so anxious for your return to hear about your travels.

    When you come back, I've left something for you to pick up.

  16. This is a beautiful post Dina, may all your days be full of excitement, happines and new things happening with your friends and family around you