Sunday, March 22, 2009

The Abba Thing

Last night when I was getting ready for bed, I turned on the TV. I like to have something to entertain me while brushing my teeth.

I flipped through the channels and came across The Adventures of Priscilla Queen of the Desert. I stopped here because I had heard this is a very important Aussie film. I wanted to get to bed so I didn't see all of it. But I saw enough to know that I really like it and hope to see more of it again.

The movie had some ABBA connections and it made me wonder what's up with Australia and ABBA? Muriel's Wedding is full of ABBA songs. Now I find out this Priscilla movie has it as well. And at the National Archives in Canberra there was a little ABBA exhibit.

I also have my own personal ABBA-Australia connections. The main one being that I watched Mamma Mia on our plane voyage over. It kind of became my own personal soundtrack for our holiday.

I have some stuff in the past as well.

For awhile, I was really into editing videos for my family. In the first video I did, one of the songs I used was "I Have a Dream". Then my sister requested the same song when I made her life-synopsis video for her wedding. I used the song for the montage of her teen years. I ended up videotaping their whole wedding weekend as well. I used that song for the scene in which the bride and bridesmaids are waiting nervously in a boardroom.

How does that connect to Australia? Well, my sister and her husband went to Australia last February!

Then in another video, I used the song "Take a Chance on Me". In that montage, my cousin has Jack sitting on her lip. She's feeding him berries. And guess what? That cousin moved to Australia!

Oh! Here's another one. Well, kind of..... When we were in Port Stephens, the only other family, besides us, who were not from New South Wales were from Sweden. And hey.....Abba is Swedish.

Then when I was at the Double Bay playground I met this couple. The wife was from Sweden. We talked about how we love Australia. She said the first time she came over she was in the Perth airport. Without even leaving the damn airport, she knew she loved it. She called her mom and told her she wanted to live here someday.

So, there you go.

The ABBA-Australia connection.