Thursday, March 5, 2009

An Incredibly Bizarre Holiday

I was going to wait until I got home to post again, but I changed my mind. We have only one more night in Australia, so I figured what the heck. I'm good at making rules for myself. And I'm also very good at breaking them.

This has been a bizarre holiday.

Here are the weird things about it:

1. This holiday to Australia has been a million times better than the last one. That is something I NEVER expected. The pessimist in me expected it to not measure leave me disappointed and disillusioned. The optimist in me imagined that maybe it could be almost as good; or if we're extremely lucky: as good.

I never imagined it would be better.

2. Time has gone incredibly slow. I know time is supposed to fly when you're having fun, but it didn't. It's not as if the minutes ticked by slowly and tortuously. It's more like when we looked back to what happened a week or so ago, it seemed like years ago. I feel like I've been in Australia for a VERY long time. It seems so long ago that we first arrived here.

3. I had more fun this year, but I'm less sad about going home. Last year I was devastated about having to leave. This year I'm okay. I have things to look forward to. I have a new nephew I'm eager to cuddle. I'm eager to return full-time to my blog. I plan to dedicate one blog entry to each day of our holiday. I think it will be like reliving the adventure. I really look forward to that! And I look forward to doing new biography posts!

I have future holidays to look forward to. We're planning to return to Australia in two years. And we're seriously considering a holiday with friends next year. I'm incredibly excited about all of that.

I think another thing that makes this year different is I'm less lonely. I did have friendships last year, but they can't even come close to the friendships I have this year. Yeah. There's been a few good-bye tears. But with the Internet, there really are no true good-byes anymore. We can stalk each other from thousands of miles away.

4. I managed to lose two cameras in Sydney. So, that should explain why some of my trip-report posts have no photographs.