Sunday, May 10, 2009

Australia 101

I dreamed last night that I was taking a class about Australia.

It's a full class.  Lots of students. The professor is Australian, and the students are a mix of Australians, Americans, and maybe others.

We sit in rows of desks.

The professor wants us to read some story. We are to go down the rows and each say a line from the book. As I wait for my turn, I try to decide if I should say my line with an American accent or Australian accent. I also try to decide whether I want the professor and other students to know that I'm this person totally obsessed with Australia.  Or should I just pass myself off as normal.

The professor announces that we have to do big projects about Australia. We first have to vote on whether we prefere to work in a groups or by ourselves. To vote, we have to walk up to the professor's desk when ready; and put a mark in either the group circle or individual circle. It is not a secret ballot.

I go up and vote for working individually. I see that this choice is winning so far. The professor expresses his disappointment; kind of in a half-joking way. I feel guilty. My idea is that working in groups is an Australian thing; wanting to work alone is an American thing.

In a way, I guess there's truth to that. America stresses the individual more, and Australia has the whole mateship thing going on. But I'm not sure if in reality, Australians would prefer working in groups more than Americans do. Maybe?


I try to decide what to do my project on; and whether to do something I already know about, or research something new.

Some topics I consider are:

The Whitlam Dismissal
Wives of Prime Ministers
The disappearance of Harold Holt
Lesser Known Aussie Animals

If this happened in real life, I think I'd pick a topic I don't know much about yet. I think I'd prefer to do something new. But I'd still want to work by myself. I don't really like working in groups.

There were other dreams.

In one: I'm walking with Tim and Jack in Australia. We're in a rural area and need to find a city. We ask for directions and are surprised about the direction we're pointed to. I didn't expect a city to be there, but then I realize it won't be a city. It will just be a small town. We see a big tower. Somehow Jack and Tim know this is a zoo. Jack wants to go to it. I think we're all fine with that. But we have work to do first.

In another dream: I'm in a theater. I suddenly become really embarrassed because I realize I've had a remote control and might have been flipping through channels. I might have been forcing all these other people in the theater to watch what I want to watch. No one has complained though, so I'm thinking maybe I didn't do that after all. Maybe I just flipped through a menu that only I can see.

Then there was stuff about food in the dream. I want to eat. I know I should eat. But I keep finding myself making the choice not to eat.