Saturday, June 27, 2009

A Woman With Purple Hair

We saw Dame Edna tonight. She came to Fort Worth.

I hesitated a bit in writing this post, because in doing so, I might give something away.

Let's just say then that this post might have spoilers. If you're planning to see the show and want to be surprised; stop reading now.

This is not going to be long because it's close to bedtime, and tomorrow we have a 6:30 am plane to catch.

Anyway...the show was good, but a bit terrifying.

Dame Edna likes to use audience participation. I think I read about that a little, but I didn't realize how central that is to her program.

I was so terrified she'd pick on me.

She didn't.


After the show, as I was relieving my about-to-burst-bladder, I thought about what was discussed recently in one of my posts. I think of myself as being totally not self-effacing. I like attention. I LOVE attention. I don't like hiding in the background. But then here in the show, I was so scared of any attention. Does that mean I'm not as attention-seeking as I originally thought? Or is that a type of attention that NO one likes? Does anyone like being picked on during a show? And yeah, Dame Edna is a bit "mean". She insults people. I started thinking maybe no one wants to be picked on, because they're afraid she's going to hurt their feelings. But even when someone is nice, I feel uncomfortable. You know how, in some shows, a singer will come over and sing to a member of the audience? I'm scared of that too.

I'm not the type of audience member who wants to be chosen.

I'm the one at a Bingo game who dreads winning (even tons of money), because I'm too embarrassed to yell Bingo.

So there you have it. The truth. I'm outgoing in the blogging world. I'm a bit shy in the real world.

Enough about that, though.

Here's the spoiler bit.

At the end Barry Humphries comes on stage!!!! It's a brief moment. But I was all excited and emotional. I was thinking Barry Humphries. THE Barry Humphries is standing so close to me (we had excellent seats). He can see me! He might even notice me!

I was so excited about Barry Humphries.

I had no such feelings for Dame Edna. She had stood on stage for about two hours. She was entertaining, but I felt nothing for her.

I KNOW they're the same person. My brain knows that. My heart does not.

Dame Edna is this amusing yet somewhat annoying woman. I like her. But I feel no real love for her.

Barry Humphries is this adorable genius.

It's so hard for me to think of them as the same person.

As we were walking back to our car, I started gushing about it all.

I told Tim this was the first time I've been in the same room as a victim of my blog.

But we both quickly realized that's not true. I saw all those Parliament people. I've been in the same room as Kevin Rudd. That was SUPER exciting for me too.

Anyway, that was my adventure with the lady who has purple hair. I am SO glad she didn't notice me. I'm hoping though that Barry Humphries did. I might have a little tiny crush on him.


  1. I have seen one or two of his/her shows years ago.
    You are not supposed to like Edna - she is a monster.
    a giant ego who thinks she matters.
    Hello Possums aren't I fabulous.

    Barry is a very cultured and highly intelligent person of course.
    (also a recovering alcoholic)

    God bless Texas!!

  2. F.G. Marshall-Stacks,

    It's so hard to think of them as one person instead of two separate ones.

  3. You saw Dame Edna on my bday. My aunt went to one of her shows a hundred years ago and she was picked on - for being late. I have a not so bright aunt-in-law who had no idea she was a man in drag. I am the same as you - utterly terrified of being picked out in any kind of show. I am so afraid I wouldn't go if I thought there was a big chance. In highschool I got dragged up on stage when we had a visiting theatre group and it was horrendous. I froze. Turned bright red. I am very very bad in these situations. So I am definitely not attention seeking outside my close circle of people who really know me.

  4. Michelle,

    It might have been your birthday, but probably not. I probably wrote the post ahead of time. I might have written the post that night, but I would have posted it no earlier than the next morning. And then you have to figure in the whole time difference thing ; )

    I'm glad you can relate to the show thing. I really was so nervous. I do like being the center of attention, but maybe you hit it on the nose. I like attention from people I KNOW. Also, there's the fact that in a lot of these shows, it's about deliberately embarrassing someone.