Sunday, August 30, 2009

Prioritizing My Desires

As I was resting, I thought about how nice it would be to live near a beach. It seems like such a gift to live in a coastal city. I pity all of us who live far from the ocean.

But then I had to wonder....Did it have to be an Australian beach, or could it be anywhere? Would I be happy living in an American coastal city?

I asked myself a simple question. Coastal city in America or inland city in Australia?

My heart had a definite answer. Australia all the way.

Shit. I really DO love Australia.

I put my wishes in order.

First choice: Coastal city in Australia.
Second choice-Inland city in Australia
Third Choice-Coastal city outside of Australia
Last Choice-Inland city outside of Australia

Tim and I talked at dinner. I told him I probably did not want to stay in Fort Worth forever. He wholeheartedly agreed. Someday.....

But I'm not frantic and desperate like I was a couple of years ago. I wish for stuff, but at the same time I'm very satisfied with the life I already have.

P.S-This is a short post! Are you guys proud of me??!!!