Sunday, August 30, 2009

Prioritizing My Desires

As I was resting, I thought about how nice it would be to live near a beach. It seems like such a gift to live in a coastal city. I pity all of us who live far from the ocean.

But then I had to wonder....Did it have to be an Australian beach, or could it be anywhere? Would I be happy living in an American coastal city?

I asked myself a simple question. Coastal city in America or inland city in Australia?

My heart had a definite answer. Australia all the way.

Shit. I really DO love Australia.

I put my wishes in order.

First choice: Coastal city in Australia.
Second choice-Inland city in Australia
Third Choice-Coastal city outside of Australia
Last Choice-Inland city outside of Australia

Tim and I talked at dinner. I told him I probably did not want to stay in Fort Worth forever. He wholeheartedly agreed. Someday.....

But I'm not frantic and desperate like I was a couple of years ago. I wish for stuff, but at the same time I'm very satisfied with the life I already have.

P.S-This is a short post! Are you guys proud of me??!!!


Frisky Librarian said...

I went to the beach on Saturday (too windy and cold for swimming though) and I realised that although I live less than 5kms away (I even walked there) and I like it, I rarely go. Which seems very ungrateful of me!

Jeff D'Antonio said...

If you pick a US coastal city, stay away from the Gulf coast and the Southern third of the East coast - too many hurricanes!

Nice coastlines up here in New England, though...

Florida Girl In Sydney said...

I'd still shoot for the coastal city in Australia-- it's so worth being near "it all".

I am very proud of your shorter post, work it cuz.

Dina said...

Frisky Librarian: I think maybe it's different when you live in a big city? We lived in NYC for 3-4 years. We never swam at a beach. We did visit the Coney Island board walk 2-3 times. I guess there is a difference though. The beach wasn't walking distance from us. We'd have to either rent a car and drive...or take a long train ride.

We could have gone more often to the pier though...just LOOK at the water, but we rarely even did that.

We took it for granted. But yet...there's SO much other stuff to do in NYC.

Jeff: Hey yeah...definitely good advice! My only thing with New England is I don't like the cold. Then I don't like California much.... Maybe I'll have to suffer in Hawaii ; ) Hawaii would be awesome because it's a shorter flight to Australia. It would be awesome to live inbetween the two countries.

Laura: Yeah! Definitely : )

Michael said...

Just catching up on a week of blogs, and I won't comment on actors because I know nothing about them. Except, I covered Mel Gibson's cattle stud sale once as a reporter!

My first choice coastal city in Australia would be Bunbury, WA, followed by Mackay, Qld.

Inland I like Ballarat and Bendigo in Victoria.

Dina said...


I think I'm done with the actors for awhile...well, I still have a few to post. But I'm done with the researching/writing.

Is Mackay where you guys went to a few months ago?

I remember Bunbury from the traveler IQ quiz.