Sunday, August 23, 2009

Where is Our Hotel?

This is a recent dream I had about Australia:

We're in Sydney. It's our last day there. I go for a walk. I get a little bit lost, but I'm not too concerned at first.

It's very crowded outside. There's this festive atmosphere. Usually, I hate crowds, but for some reason now I don't mind it.

I see a man in black fly through the air. I am thinking it's some kind of real magic. I'm excited about it. But then I see it's not magic. Its some kind of ride.  A tourist trap. Next, I see a whole family flying through the air. They're holding on to something that lets them do it. It look scary, like they'll fall if they accidentally let go.

A man asks me for money. He's an Israeli tourist. He has a friend with him. I'm a bit nervous at first; worried if I take out my money, he'll rob me. But then I relax. He tells me about some security thing at the airport, assuming I've been through it too. I haven't. I figure since he's Middle Eastern he has to go through extra security.

I give the man some coins. His friends say it won't be enough to make a phone call. I search for more coins, thinking I need to make sure and give him only Australian ones.

I stop in a baby clothes store, feeling obligated to buy something for my nephew. It's very expensive though. Plus, the stuff isn't Australia related. I could buy the same clothes anywhere. I decide not to buy anything.

I meet up with some relatives (not the ones that live in Australia in real life). They want to go on this very long walk. They ask me if I'm up to it. I am, but wonder if Jack will protest. The problem is....I need to get back to our hotel first. But I can't find it. I can't even remember which hotel we're staying at. All I know is that it's a hotel chain we have in America, and it starts with an H. Maybe Hilton? Holiday Inn? Hyatt?
Does that dream mean anything important? Probably not. But it's Australia related, so I figured I'd share it.