Sunday, August 23, 2009

Where is Our Hotel?

This is a recent dream I had about Australia:

We're in Sydney. It's our last day there. I go for a walk. I get a little bit lost, but I'm not too concerned at first.

It's very crowded outside. There's this festive atmosphere. Usually, I hate crowds, but for some reason now I don't mind it.

I see a man in black fly through the air. I am thinking it's some kind of real magic. I'm excited about it. But then I see it's not magic. Its some kind of ride.  A tourist trap. Next, I see a whole family flying through the air. They're holding on to something that lets them do it. It look scary, like they'll fall if they accidentally let go.

A man asks me for money. He's an Israeli tourist. He has a friend with him. I'm a bit nervous at first; worried if I take out my money, he'll rob me. But then I relax. He tells me about some security thing at the airport, assuming I've been through it too. I haven't. I figure since he's Middle Eastern he has to go through extra security.

I give the man some coins. His friends say it won't be enough to make a phone call. I search for more coins, thinking I need to make sure and give him only Australian ones.

I stop in a baby clothes store, feeling obligated to buy something for my nephew. It's very expensive though. Plus, the stuff isn't Australia related. I could buy the same clothes anywhere. I decide not to buy anything.

I meet up with some relatives (not the ones that live in Australia in real life). They want to go on this very long walk. They ask me if I'm up to it. I am, but wonder if Jack will protest. The problem is....I need to get back to our hotel first. But I can't find it. I can't even remember which hotel we're staying at. All I know is that it's a hotel chain we have in America, and it starts with an H. Maybe Hilton? Holiday Inn? Hyatt?
Does that dream mean anything important? Probably not. But it's Australia related, so I figured I'd share it.


Redness said...

Sounds more like a nightmare then a dream ... could the H stand for HOME?
Hugs xo

Dina said...


Home. I wish.

Enemy of the Republic said...

I am amazed at the detail you remember of the dream. That alone means something.

Dina said...

Enemy of the Republic,

Hi! Yeah. I do remember a lot of my dreams : )

matt said...

Hi Dina,
I get Déjà vu all the time from my dreams, sometimes I even have conversations with people in my dreams and then they happen in real life and I know exactly what that person is going to say before they say it.
Then I have dreams where I get visit from deceased relatives (I love those ones)its mainly where im just sitting have a conversation with them.
You seem to remember your dreams better than I can though I tend forget the weird (cryptic) ones as soon as i wake up.

Dina said...


I think you are pretty psychic. Didn't you tell me you were before?

What happens to me is much less dramatic and precise.

I write down my dreams every night (or almost every night). Every morning, I read dreams from the month before or year before. If there's nothing that day, I'll read something else...2 years before, 6 months before, etc.

Every so often, I'll find a dream and realize that after I had the dream, something happened like it in real life.

It's like I read the dream and think "Oh! That kind of came true."

But I don't think I've ever remembered the dream as the thing in real life was happening.

That's awesome about your deceased relative dreams. Do you think their visitations?

I have a lot of dreams about my dead relatives....especially my grandparents. There's been only a few though that seem spiritual.

I do remember a lot of my dreams. But I also forgot a lot of them as well.

matt said...

I do think they are visitations.
I'll tell you a story that has happened this year, I had asked my mother where my pops (step fathers' father) house was as i knew it was around the area where i had just moved and found out it was only about ten minutes away so i went to have a look. That night i had a dream about him and the next morning i could smell him in the room which was a mix of smoke and stale beer (he was a heavy smoker and loved his beerd) but i don't smoke and rarely drink any beer. This has happened a couple of times a month since i have moved there.
Here's another interesting story about dreams. My mother has dreamed everytime my sister has been pregnant (she has three boys). The last time it happened i was at my mothers on holidays she woke up and said to me Jodie's pregnant, as she had just dreamed it. We decided to wait and see if it was true and 3 months later my sister told us she was pregnant.

Dina said...


It sounds like you and your mom are both psychic. That's very cool that she dreamed about your sister's pregnancies.

The visitation thing...I don't think I've had anything like that happen. It sounds very special.

My experiences are usually trivial. For example, for my parent's anniversary party, my sister emailed us and offered to get photos enlarged for their gift. She said she'd take care of this. Later, I read through old dreams and found before she said this, I dreamed she offered to do the photo.

For me, it's usually silly stuff.

matt said...

It runs on my mothers side (the aboriginal side) from what i have been told our tribe was very skilled in 'Black Magic' the last in our family that used it was my great-grand mother but there are still some within the tribe that practice. Its funny cause as a little child i use to be very scared of my great-grand mother because i thought she was a witch and it wasn't till i was much older that i found out about black magic and how she use to practice it.

Dina said...


Black magic--isn't that the dark/bad stuff?? Or is that just an idea I've been fed?

It sounds like you have a powerful heritage in terms of magic and psychic abilities.

I think that's really cool.

matt said...

My understanding is it was both good and bad magic.
For example my Uncle Billo had just moved into a new house and they had another Koori family that lived next door to them. After a couple of weeks my cousin Chris (who was only a baby at the time) got really sick, so they got my great-grand mother (Nana Fish) to come over and see if she could do anything cause what the doctors had done wasn't helping.
She came in and said that the house had been cursed by the Koori family next door and that is what's making him sick and will make the rest of the family sick eventually. She lock the whole house and preformed some ceremonies and then lock herself in my cousin's room with him and performed some more ceremonies and came out and said that within the next two weeks the Koori family next door will leave and that Chris will get better.
So within two weeks they had moved out and he was better.

I have had a sad dream last night i dreamed i was at my cousin's (dad's side) son's birthday party and then all of a sudden i was at funeral (mums side of the family) and my Aunty Donna was very distraught and i was comforting her and then i woke up.
Now i was worried that it was my cousin Leigh who is her only child and that something was wrong than i got a call from my mum today telling me that Uncle Terry (mums cousin) had passed away last night.
Uncle Terry and my Aunty Donna were very close and grew up like bother and sister so this will affect her more than the rest of the family.

Dina said...


I'm very sorry about your uncle.

I think psychic dreams happen like that a lot...they're not always exact. The basic message in your dream was that a family member would die, and that happened.

When I was in high school, I got really worried suddenly about my younger sister. I felt something bad was going to happen to her. A few months later, my OLDER sister was hit by a car.

As for the black makes me think of Harry Potter. The kids learn the dark arts in order to defend themselves against the dark arts.

In order to fight black magic, you probably need to know how to DO black magic.