Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Bye Bye Democrats

Another dream post. This one might be actually short. I'll try!

1. I meet an Aussie blogger in real life. (I won't say who it was because I don't want to embarrass anyone). We end up getting along very well. It's like we have this great connection between us.

2. In America, the Democrats have been temporarily kicked out of government....a MASS dismissal. I watch some of it on TV with my parents. It seems to be a confusing mess. I think of Whitlam, and how I researched him lately. I try to figure out when I'll be posting that post.

3. In our den (significant to me because I don't often dream about our own house), a commercial comes on saying Roar starring Heath Ledger is coming to one of the cable networks. I have this idea that another person I wrote about is on the show...an actress. I'm thinking it might be Naomi Watts. I ask Tim if he thinks it was her. He's not sure. Then this woman who looks like the mysterious Australian woman on Roar is in our house. She's just wandering through. I call out to her, trying to figure out who she is. She won't answer me. I get annoyed. She's walking through our house, for Pete's Sake. Is it too much for her to answer a simple question?