Monday, November 2, 2009

To Jump or Not to Jump

I had very lucid dreams last night (but not really last night because I already have a post up today; will have to post this tomorrow).

In the dream.... I'm on a high floor of a building. I realize it's a dream, and I'm excited about that. I think I know that I'm in Australia, and that makes me even more excited and eager to go out and explore. I decide I'll just jump out from the window.

(Side note here. I've had this whole thing about jumping out of high places in my dreams. I used to do it a lot. I'd say it's just a dream, and then jump into the empty space and fly. But then in my WAKING life, I became a bit paranoid about the whole thing. I started thinking what if one day I make a HUGE mistake. What if I think I'm dreaming, but I'm not? What if I perform some kind of accidental and foolish suicide? Those fears have creeped back into my lucid dreams. I now usually try to leave from a ground floor door or window, rather than jumping from a high place.)

Okay, back to the dream.

I decide I can jump this time. There can't be any doubt that it's dream. We're not in Australia in real life, so this can't be real. I go to the window and get ready to jump. But when I look out, it is way too high. I think who cares if this is a dream or not, I'm too scared. I'm not jumping. As I step away from the window, I realize it's less scary if I look out in the distance instead of looking straight down. I have this whole discussion in my head about all of this. I think of movies where people are in a predicament high up, and how people always say, "Don't look down." I start thinking, what if it was Jack up high, and I had to coax him across to survive. I consider how in movies, and stuff, it seems the people in danger always survive. I stand there wondering if that would give me hope for Jack.
Anyway, I don't stand around thinking too long. I go to another window which has a giant slide to take you down to the ground. I go on that.
I walk around Australia...Sydney, I assume.
(I don't remember much about that, and there's some stuff I'd rather not mention)

Then I come to a beach. I'm so excited about this. It's like I hit the Australia-dream jackpot. A beach! I worry about waking up before getting to the water.

As I walk to the water, I talk to myself....I think maybe outloud. I know that I'm dreaming, but I ask if perhaps maybe I'm REALLY in Australia somehow. It's kind of like wishful thinking, because in the dream it doesn't seem extremely plausible to me.
I get to the water's edge. It's crowded though, and hard to get into the ocean. People lay in the sand right next to the water. There's a piece of water I can easily get to, but it's a tide pool. I worry it may have blue ring octopuses. I finally manage to get over to a tiny area of water to the right of that. I walk in, and the water is perfect. It's warm. 

Warm water....  I guess that should have been firm evidence that I wasn't truly in Australia.

Then suddenly I'm no longer in the ocean. It all switches, and I'm in an indoor pool complex. I'm on the stairs to a water slide. I'm disappointed that I lost the ocean, but I have an attitude of "oh, well. That's the way it goes".