Sunday, December 20, 2009

Another Package!

Yesterday I received the other package that I ordered. This one isn't food. It's books from Powells. I love Powells. Despite being in America, they have a lot of Australian books. Their prices are reasonable; and they offer free shipping if you order more than fifty dollars worth of books. I sound like a commercial. Oh well. So be it.....

Here are the books I ordered:

1. The Birth of Sydney by Tim Flannery-This is a nonfiction history book. I hope I like it. Sometimes I like nonfiction. Other times, I get bored and wish to be reading fiction. I've read one other book by Flannery. I forgot the title, but it was about kangaroos. I liked it. I hope I like this one as well.

2. Checkers by John Marsden.  I've liked all the previous Marsden books I've read. I'm betting I'll like this one as well.

3. Eglantine by Catherine Jinks This is a kid book about ghost hunters. It's by the same woman who wrote Evil Genius. I've liked most of her books that I've read. There's a mysterious green stain on the first page of the book. I hope it's not something gross like swine flu snot.

4. Australia Beyond the Dreamtime by Thomas Kenneally, Patsy Adam-Smith and Robyn Davidson.  This book looks slightly awesome. It almost looks like a school textbook. But there are no questions at the end of the chapter, so probably not. It has a lot of cool looking photographs. I'm excited to read this book. I hope it doesn't disappoint me.

5. A Family Madness by Thomas Keneally.  Sometimes I like Kenneally. Other times, I find his books to be a bit boring. Hopefully, this will be one of the Kenneally books that I like.

6. The Treatment/The Cure by Peter Kocan.  Kocan is that guy who tried to assassinate a politician, was put into a mental institution, and then ended up being a successful writer. These novels are likely to be interesting.

7. Out of Time by John Marsden.  It's another novel by the king of Aussie young adult literature. This one seems to be science fiction/fantasy.

8. Reincarnation by Neville Drury.  This looks almost like one of those gift books...a new age gift books. It doesn't look too complicated. I mean there's not a lot of pages or text. I don't think I'll learn anything new with the book. It will probably be more like a nice little review of stuff.

9. A Charm of Powerful Trouble by Joanne Horniman-This book was shortlisted for various awards. Hopefully, I'll like it. Sometimes I end up not liking award-winning books. Then I end up feeling a bit alienated from society. I end up wondering what could be wrong with me. Why do I not like this book that so many other people adore? Well, I guess we all have different taste. Hopefully, my taste will adore this book. And it's NOT because I want to fit in with the crowd...well, maybe sort of. It's just I don't really want to read a book that I dislike.

10. Tirra Lirra by the River by Jessica Anderson. I think one of my commenters recommended this book. It looks good. And this one has won awards as well. It won the Miles Franklin Award. I've heard that's a pretty big deal.

11. The Unknown Terrorist by Richard Flanagan. I've read one other book by Flanagan, and I hope to read many more. This terrorist book sounds a bit like something Janette Turner Hospital would write.

Then I have one other new book, which I did not get from Powells. I got it from a book trading website...Bookins. It's People of the Book by Geraldine Brooks. It's an Australian-Jewish type thing. It looks pretty good.

I'm going to start reading all these books very soon. For now, I'm rereading The Fatal Shore. I figure I probably need to learn things multiple times before they stick in my brain. I am happy to say that a lot of the stuff in the book, so far, feels like a review to me.

Before starting The Fatal Shore, I read the new Pat Conroy book. Have any of you read his stuff? He's an American author. His books usually take place in the south....or maybe all of them have. He's the one who wrote The Prince of Tides. I love this books, and I totally loved this one as well. His books seem to stick to certain themes....suicide, racism, social class, rape, etc......

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