Monday, March 29, 2010

A Found Treasure

Jack and I just went to our used bookstore. I found an Aboriginal book. It's actually FROM Australia. I'm wondering how it ended up in Fort Worth. There were also these really weird obscure books about sheds in Australia. I'm thinking there's either Australians living in Fort Worth who no longer want certain books. Or maybe there's another Texan who's really interested in Australia. I was about to say he or she must no longer be interested since he/she got rid of the books. But despite the fact that my love for Australia goes on and on, there are a few Australian books I wouldn't mind giving up. If there is another Fort Worth person obsessed with Australia, it would be awesome if we could get together. We could trade books, and stuff.

I didn't buy the shed books, but I did buy the Aboriginal one. It has a sticker tag from the Gavala Aboriginal Art Centre. And I see they sell my new book on their site. The one I got was Understanding Aboriginal Culture by Cyril Havecker.

I'm looking at their website. They say they're in Darling Harbour. I remember there being an Aboriginal store in Darling Harbour in 2007. I didn't see it in 2009. I thought maybe it had closed down. Maybe I just missed it? Or maybe they haven't updated the website?

Since it's in a touristy area, the owner could have been just a typical American
tourist. Maybe they got swept up into Australia love, bought the book, and it then sat on their shelf until they decided to do a spring cleaning.

Who knows. Although I can't imagine a typical tourist buying a book on Australian sheds.

Currently, I'm reading The Dreaming. It's a historical-fiction book that's about Australia but written by an American. It's pretty good. I'm liking it so far. From my limited knowledge and perspective, it seems like the author did her research. I found the book at Goodwill, and hoped it was written by an Australian. I had this sense that Americans shouldn't be writing about Australia. Is that funny? Well, I'm laughing. I often amuse myself lately.

So what books are you guys reading now?

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