Thursday, April 29, 2010

We Lost Our Marbles

This afternoon, Jack decided he wanted to play with his blue marbles from Australia. I think he had been inspired by an episode of his favorite TV show, Arthur.

He looked around his room for them independently as I worked on my blog, I assured him I'd help him in a little bit.

We looked around various places in the house, and Jack became a bit hopeless about the situation....and sad. He asked if we could buy new marbles. I said yes. Why not? They're pretty cheap. When I was half-listening while searching, I think MAYBE Jack said he'd use his own allowance. If he did, I'm pretty proud of him.

Jack wanted to give up the search. I figured it was a good idea. My philosophy regarding stuff lost in the house is you search for awhile; then you give up, and hope you run into it someday. It usually happens...often when you're searching for something else.

I decided though that I'd check one or two places before giving up. I looked in Jack's bathroom cabinet where we keep a bunch of toys. I dug around a bit, and found a Sydney Swans bag. I opened it up, and there was the little net bag of blue marbles.

There was other fun stuff in there too, including these crazy pop out eyeglasses. Jack had bought those at World Square when we were eating dessert with Fe and her boys.

Just now I had to ask Jack the name of World Square, because I had forgotten. When I was calling to him, I said Sydney instead of Jack. I've never done THAT before. Jack has no siblings, so I don't have multiple kids to mix up in my brain. Well, yeah. I guess instead I'll confuse him with cities in Australia.

Anyway, I found the marbles, the glasses, a Sydney pencil bag with a ruler and eraser, a package of Australia pens, a pressed penny from The Powerhouse Museum, and some other stuff.

There was a little wind-up robot. I'm not sure where we got that.

I just went to get the bag to see what else is in there. There's some Sydney Swan stickers and cards. Then there's a dollar from the Australian Mint, a toy compass, and an empty bag from a place called The Galleria in Waikiki. many memories.

It's kind of funny, in one of those weird synchronosity ways.

This past week or two, Jack and I have been playing with this yellow smiley face ball. It's awesome...bounces very well. I was waxing poetic about it, and Jack reminded me it was from Australia. We had bought it in a toy store in Kiama. Then when we play with it, Jack sometimes will use our Sydney Swans hat. He'll wear it, or use it as a kind of catcher's mitt. Then he wants his marbles, and I find more Australia stuff.

I also found two camera warranty papers in the Swans bag. It's too bad I didn't find the actual camera. That would have been FUNNY. But that lost camera issue is water under the bridge now. We made our friends come to Hawaii, and took new photos of us with them. I was very paranoid about getting those photos up and online before I lost another camera. Still. I lost photos of other friends as well. This just means they're obligated to come visit us in Texas someday.

In other news, I had a lucid dream last night. It was one of those where I was very analytical...I guess metacognitive would be the correct term. I floated out of the bed and through a window. But instead of getting outside, I ended up in a white bathroom. I floated out through a window there, and ended up in another white bathroom. This went on repeatedly for awhile. While it was happening, I thought of how I was so aware and lucid. I thought though that later how it would feel all fuzzy as I looked back at it. But then I told myself the same would be true of ANY memory...dream or awake stuff. My waking self is now saying that's true. When I think back to our Australia trip, a lot of it feels like a dream.

Anyway, also in the dream, I tried analyzing the symbolism of the white bathrooms. I don't remember if I came up with any brilliant ideas.

I also dreamed yet another dream of Julian McMahon. I don't remember much. There was something like he was going to be at a party at the Holiday Inn. I wanted to go, but there was strong doubts I'd be able to. Then there was this part where I was putting on lipstick and realized I did it right where he could see. I was all embarrassed, but then tried to convince myself that maybe I looked sexy while I was doing it. I doubt that's true. I probably make awful faces when I'm putting on make up, and look really ugly.

Oh! I almost forgot. This is weird. In the lucid dream, I finally escaped the bathroom situation. I ended up in the foyer of our house, but couldn't get to the front door. It was like this strong mysterious force was stopping me. I finally did get out, and my mom was there waiting for me. She told me that even though I don't remember, I had another baby....I think before Jack. I don't know what THAT means. I guess it could be a past life type thing.

Who knows.