Friday, May 21, 2010

Hackers, Accent Critiques, Jude Law, and a Guy Who Hates Australia

I had a lot of dreams related to Australia last night.

Okay. The Jude Law one had nothing to do with Australia. But that was pretty awesome, so I'll share it anyway.

So, here they are.

1. Jude Law is interested in me. Wow. Awesome. At first, I don't believe it. I think he's playing me. Then I start to realize he's serious. We have love totally going on here. (It was G-rated....which is fine with me.) At one point, I think about how Jude Law it totally out of my league. But then I have deep thoughts about this whole out-of-my-league thing. I think about how someone out of your league might fall in love with you. But then someone IN your league, or in a lower one, might not be interested in you at all.

2. (
Jen, I think this one was partly inspired by our emails yesterday) I get an email from a guy in Tasmania. It's VERY long, and full of graphics. When I get long emails like this, I usually skim it, and then read it more carefully when I'm ready to write back. So, I do this here. At first, I think he's insulting my blog. I think it's one of those, I hate Americans. You're weird for having an Australian blog. Blah, blah, blah. I read more carefully though, and see he's not insulting my blog. The first paragraph praises my blog. It's not my blog he's against. It's Australia. And I guess it's Australia television he's most unhappy with. He goes on and on about how bad it is. Since I'm skimming, I don't get the details. But I'm thinking later, I'll write him back with examples of good Australian TV.

There's a paragraph about my accent videos. He seems to think I did a good job, which pleases me. What surprises me though is that he pinpoints my accent to a specific region in Victoria. I'm a bit surprised by this. He also says that this accent is one used in familar casual settings. This surprises me too, since I didn't know Australia has formal and casual speech patterns.

There's a whole paragraph about his car. I totally skip that section. (This comes from telling a friend that if she talked about her car, I might have to fake interest). I'm very bored by car talk. (Just like most people are bored by dream talk. Yeah, yeah....I know. There's probably only one person reading this).

Then there's a whole section in the guy's email about Florida. It includes a map. (I'm not sure why he was talking about Florida. Maybe he wanted to move there?)

All in all, I'm not liking this guy. Despite his compliments towards me, I feel weary of him. I feel distrustful and negative. Then I tell myself I should give him a chance. I shouldn't judge people so quickly.

3. (Don't remember much of this one) Tracey (my Australian-Hawaii friend) lives in America now. I think her kids are all grown up, and married. She has grandchildren now, but it's like there's something unfair going on. The grandchildren have a stronger relationship with their other grandparents. It's like they're not getting their fair share of grandchild time. (But it's not like they complained about this. I think I just noticed it.)

4. I end up alone in Australia. I'm walking....I don't know where. I encounter some Aboriginal people....pretty traditional-looking. They come towards me. I'm holding these thin sticks, and they're holding bigger sticks. They don't speak English, at first. I exchange my sticks for some guy's sticks. This seems to be some kind of friendly greeting type thing. Then someone does speak English. I ask them where I am. They say northern New South Wales. I ask which way is north, south....whatever. (I forget where I was trying to go). The Aboriginal man points me in the right direction.

I then end up in this building. It's very tall, and there's idea that each down you go down the stairs, you end up in a more southern part of Australia. I climb, and climb. But then I get to this point where you have to stop climbing stairs, and switch over to this scary ladder. (It would probably be fine for most people, but I'm not good at that stuff). I decide I'll leave the building now, and just walk through regular Australia to get where I need to go. Suddenly then, I realize I never got my luggage. I'm going to need to get that, and this will make my walking through Australia much more difficult.

5. I go to my blog, and see I have a weird signature on my blog post. It's silly, and definitely not something I wrote (not that I don't write silly stuff....but I didn't write THIS silly thing.) I start to realize that there are different signatures on all my blog posts now. My blog has been hacked. It's not just weird signatures, but also my blog has a huge amount of ads now. There's hardly any room for content. I'm not pleased, and try to figure out how I'll fix this thing. I click on one ad, and try to quickly find a way to cancel the service. I can't. I start to think the easiest thing might be to move my blog over to WordPress.

When I woke up from the dream, I had vague memories of being nervous earlier about the potential of someone hacking my blog. I wasn't sure if I was remembering a past dream, or something that happened in real life. Later, when I got out of bed, I remembered it was a real life thing. A week or so ago, I saw something in Statcounter that made me a little nervous. It looked like someone was on a publishing page of my blog. But now I'm thinking maybe they were on the publishing page of THEIR blog, and had jumped to my blog via that direction. I don't know.

Anyway, that's it for my dreams.

I hope you guys have (or are having) a nice weekend. This weekend is big for us. Jack's getting Super Mario Galaxy 2. He's been EXTREMELY excited about this. And we'll be watching the finale of Lost. I'm very excited about this, but also sad. We're also all feeling a tiny bit not well. I hope this passes by the time we need to play our game and watch our show. Ah. Never mind. Tim just came in, and he says he's feeling fine. He was the one I was most worried about. Jack and I have small sore throats, but we pretty much ALWAYS do.