Saturday, June 26, 2010

And now for Geography with Lord Wiki

Okay. Now Lord Wiki is going to teach me geographical stuff. That might be cool. I like geography. I'm going to open Google Maps as well. That will be my visual aid.

Wow. This gets technical. We're not just talking location here. There's geological stuff.

Melbourne's built on top of Quartenary Lava, and Silurian mudstones. Then there's also Holocene sand. Do I know what all of that means?


I DO know what lava is. Lord Wiki says Quartenary refers to a time period.

And turns out it's our time period. This National Geographic website says it's from 2.6 million years ago until now. When are we going to change? I think it would be fun to give us a new time period; although not too soon. I just found about this whole Quaternary thing. I'd like some time to get used to it, before it disappears.

Silurian is another time period. It's 400 million years ago. I'm always astounded by how long the Aboriginal people have been in Australia. 40,000 years! But if you compare it to 400 million years, it makes the Aborigines seem like newbies.

Mudstone's a type of rock. This website says it's pretty much just hardened mud.

Now Lord Wiki is explaining the boundaries of Melbourne. It's really confusing. I'll TRY to figure it out.

Wait. Lord Wiki provides his own map. I think it might be more easy to understand than Google Maps.

If I'm looking at this right, Geelong is part of Melbourne. Is it? I didn't know that. It also reaches down south to the Mornington Peninsula. Did I know that was part of Melbourne?

I must be reading the map wrong. The Visit Victoria site makes it sound like Geelong's not part of Melbourne. They say it's Victoria's second largest city.

You know...forget it.

I'll get to better geography stuff at a later date.

Let's skip ahead to climate.

Lord Wiki says Melbourne has changeable weather conditions. I think this can be translated to scary crazy weather. One hour it's hot. The next hour it's cold. And there's also some freaky storms.

It reminds me more of Florida. Lord Wiki says there will be crazy heavy showers. Then it quickly goes away, and it's hot again. That's totally how things are at Disney World.

Fort Worth isn't much like that. We don't have random showers. We have rainy days. On rainy days, it's often rainy and dreary all day. I guess sometimes we do have a shower here and there. But it seems it's usually an all day thing. I mean there's not constant rain. But often the sun will hide for most of the day.

The last time the Melbourne CBD had wintery white stuff was in 1986. In the suburbs, there's been snow more recently.

Now I'm going to look at the weather chart....see in what months I'd like Melbourne the most. I'm very picky about weather. Celsius speaking, I really like only around 22-28 degrees. I can probably deal (unhappily with 28-30) and I'd be fairly okay with 20-22. Anything below or higher than that will probably make me grumpy.

I'd be fine with January, February, and March if it did the average thing. It's about 25 degrees. That's lovely. But then there's record highs in the mid 40's. That's not okay.

The averages in April through October would be a little too cold for me. But I guess I could hope for a warm day. Not too warm though.

One thing that surprises me here is that Melbourne doesn't get as cold as I imagined. The winter seems fairly mild. The record low is -2.8. That's 27 degrees Fahrenheit. It wouldn't be fun. But it's probably not that awful.

I'm having a glance at Fort Worth records. They've had much lower lows.

Well, that's it for now.