Sunday, June 6, 2010

Circles, Waves, Squares, Crosses, and Stars

I'm reading Outside the Gates of Science by Damien Broderick. It's quite brilliant, and I'm enjoying it. I do wish I remembered more about statistics because some of that goes over my head.

The book pretty much says what Dean Radin says in The Conscious Universe. There's very good scientific evidence for the existence of psychic abilities, and skeptics are being way too irrational and closed-minded. Well, at least that's how I interpret the books. And it's also how I interpret the situation.

I feel compelled to explain the argument, but I'd probably botch it up and confuse people. So I'll just recommend that those who are interested, read the books.

Broderick's book is making me think of my own psychic abilities....or lack of. I don't seem to have much talent in that area, at least not in my waking life.

I don't score well on the Zener Card test. I can't think of many examples of times where I knew who was on the phone, or who I was going to get an email from. I'm sure it's happened. But I don't think it's happened enough times to indicate that it was anything beyond chance or coincidence.

In the hours preceding the time my sister got hit by a car, I had an awful gloomy feeling. So, there's that. But since then, I've had many awful gloomy feelings of doom....and fortunately nothing bad happened. So I think my gloomy feeling the night of the accident was probably just a coincidence.

I do think I have spiritual/psychic experiences when I'm dreaming...and when I just wake up. I don't know they're psychic when they first happen. But I write down most of my dreams, and some of the thoughts that pops into my head when I'm weird and groggy. Then sometimes, I'll later go back and read something, and see that I might have had a prediction type thing.

This old post has two examples. One involves 9/11, and the other involves the Irwin family.

I'm thinking I should spend more time reading old dreams. Each morning I read a month old dream and a year old dream, but maybe I should do more than that. Maybe I'll find more amazing predictions.

Back to my sister.....

Several weeks ago, she had a breast cancer scare. I was extremely pessimistic about the whole thing. I tried to have hope, but it was hard. I not only imagined that she would have a positive diagnosis, but that she wouldn't survive it. I had a bad feeling about it. But more than that, it seemed time for our luck to run out. My family has had some great medical miracles. I figured maybe we had seen the last of them.

The night I found out she was going to need a biopsy, I expected to have a hard time sleeping. I anticipated bad depressing dreams. But the dreams turned out to be fairly upbeat. I DID dream about my sister, and cancer was even mentioned....but there was a cheerfulness about it.

And when my sister did have the biopsy, the test came out with a fabulous negative.

Maybe my dreams were telling me not to worry.

Maybe not.

I like to think so.....

I wouldn't want to think that ALL my dreams were trying to tell me something. I had one the other night that reminded me of the past relationship problems I had with someone. I feel we're past all that, but the dreams were saying something quite different. It's like the dreams were trying to push me to remember why I had been angry and insecure in the past. What the hell is that all about? I hope it's not saying, Be wary. Maybe the dream was just reminding me of how far we've come since then.

Besides my dreams, I have fun synchronosity stuff in my life. I sometimes do a good job of paying attention to it, and sometimes I don't. Maybe Broderick's book will inspire me to give more attention to all this stuff. It's kind of frustrating though...being that my spirit guides seem a lot like Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse.