Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Making Comparisons

I'm doing some more Melbourne learning. Right now I'm on the City of Melbourne site. It's a site done by the government.

I'm reading their profile page....

It has some interesting population stuff. I might compare it to my own city. Or maybe I should compare it to New York city since it's a big city like Melbourne. I could do both, I suppose.

In the Melbourne city center, there's a residential population of 89,759. But each day, 771,000 people use the city. That means most of the people in the Melbourne city area are not residents. They probably live out in the suburbs or in a different city. They might live in a different state or in a different country.

Lord Wiki says Fort Worth has a population of 727, 585. But I think that's the whole of Fort Worth, and not just the city area. I really get confused about where the city ends, and suburb areas begin.

Fort Worth is 780 km. The city center of Melbourne is 37.6 km. I wonder how big the WHOLE Melbourne is. Maybe Lord Wiki will tell me.

Answer=8,806 km. So it's much bigger than Fort Worth.

I have a better idea. I'll compare Melbourne to the DFW area. We have a tri-city thing going on. We have three cities that are kind of combined as one. Dallas is the big city. Then Fort Worth and Arlington are the smaller ones. We all share the airport, and we also share the same TV stations.

This website says the population of DFW in 2004 was 5 million. That's more than Melbourne's 4 million. So we have more people. How about space?

Lord Wiki says the total area of DFW is 23 thousand km. That's much bigger than Melbourne.

Now for New York City....

Wow. The population exceeds both Melbourne and DFW. Not surprised there. The five boroughs of NYC have a population of about 8 million. The funny thing is it's only 790 km! It's tiny compared to DFW and Melbourne. That's a lot of people squished into a tiny space. Plus, you have to add in all the tourists. And there are LOTS of tourists visiting New York.