Thursday, July 15, 2010

Tomorrow There Shall be Wars and Vampires

Tim started watching a movie late in the afternoon. I was busy doing something for the cats, but for some reason I felt compelled to come see what he was watching. The credits had just begun, and I saw that it was an Australia production.

I was about to say SOMETHING (like spiritual) was going on there....that something pulled me to the TV, because I never show interest in what Tim is watching. But now that I think of's not true. I'm a nosy person. I'm often curious about what Tim's watching.

Anyway, I was excited about the Australia bit, and asked Tim what he was watching. I didn't know if he knew. I kind of expected him to say his usual. I don't know. I just turned it on. But he did know. It was a movie he had rented. Daybreakers. He hadn't realized it was Australian.

I was excited because I've been wanting to see it. I told Tim that I had written about the movie...twice. I couldn't remember which Australian actors were in it though. My memory had to be jogged by the credits. The actors were Claudia Karvan and Isabel Lucas. Karvan has a very substantial part. Lucas doesn't have much screen time, but her character's experiences are quite important and memorable.

I liked the movie. It added something new to the whole vampire mythology...a new twist. The whole idea in the story is that the majority of people have become vampires. Only 5% of the human population remains. No humans=no blood. And without blood, the vampires become crazy zombie creatures. The well-fed vampires happily thrive in a world that caters to them. They own the corporations. They're the government. They're the army. The remaining humans are farmed, or in hiding.

I said to Tim that this movie would be great propaganda material for The Fellowship of the Sun. There's all those folks who feel safe with their one or two vampire friends, and their local vampire night club. But how would they feel if the vampires starting multiplying? What would Sookie say about THAT?

Later in the evening, I spent some quality time with Lord Wiki and IMDb. One thing led to another and I ended up looking at a list of movies filmed in Australia. One of them was Tomorrow, When the World Began. It turns out the trailer is now available. It might have been out for a long time, actually. I'm a bit out of the loop.

I read two books from the John Marsden series. Supposedly, they're HUGE with Aussie teens. I liked them fairly well, but not even close to how much I like Harry Potter and the Edward/Bella/Jacob thing. And I actually like John Marsden's other books better. Maybe the problem is I didn't start with the first book. I should probably try again....start from the beginning.

The movie trailer didn't really appeal to me though. I like the first part, when everything is peaceful. The war stuff kind of looks boring. Maybe it's just not my thing. If movie teens are going to be in peril, I prefer dream-invading madman, sharks, evil wizards, vengeful vampires, etc.

On a positive note, unlike Daybreakers, the people in the tomorrow movie speak in Australian accents. It's an Australian movie ABOUT Australians. Because of that, I'm wondering if it will be successful in America. We do have Australian movies with Australian accents here, but they seem to be treated like independent films. I don't think they often become big blockbuster hits. Maybe this one will be different. That would be cool.

For now, it doesn't even have a release date in America. I'm not sure if that means anything though. Maybe they just haven't planned the date yet. As for Australia, there's going to be a premier in Sydney on 8 August. Then it will be released in Australia and New Zealand on 2 September.