Thursday, August 26, 2010

Pedal Internet

Today I watched a video clip on the Australian Screen website from a documentary called The Inlanders. The film is about the whole flying doctor thing.

In the clip, I saw, they show pedal radios. These are radios that worked by foot power. If you want to talk to folks far away from you, then you have to give yourself a workout at the same time.

I think that's so cool.

Lord Wiki says it was invented by an Australian; Alfred Traeger.

What if we had to pedal in order to use the Internet?

I'd say our obesity rates would go WAY down.

And I'm sure it would cut down on fossil fuels, and all that.

We wouldn't have to fret so much about our electricity going out.

I know some scientists are working on stuff like that.

I saw in some magazine (Maybe our National Geographic travel ones) that some big city is trying to make street lights that are powered by human foot traffic. I can't remember where though.

Maybe I can find it on the internet.

Hold on....

This article says it's in France. I don't really remember it being France, so maybe this is a second place that's doing it?

Ah! And here's a whole website about pedal power. They say there are computers in Afghanistan that work on pedal power.

I can imagine it would be frustrating and exhausting having to power our Internet with exercise. But I think the benefits would outweigh the cons.

I love modern technology. It's a beautiful thing, and I think for the most part it has improved our world. But in terms of having a healthy body, it's kind of detrimental. For most people.... Unless they puts their mind to it, they're going to live a very sedentary lifestyle. We have to make time to take a run, go on a swim, ride our bike, go to the gym, lift weights, play basketball etc.

Pedal Internet could totally change that. Or I guess it makes more sense to say pedal computers. You'd pedal to bring power....I don't think you could pedal to create a connection.