Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Thinking of Ben Linus

I watched a clip from on the Australian Screen website about the Aussie comedian, George Wallace.

George Wallace kind of reminds me of Michael Emerson from Lost. I think they look a bit similar. Maybe it's the eyes?

For the record, Ben Linus is one of my most favorite fictional characters ever.

Here's something fairly interesting. Lord Wiki says that when George Wallace was born, the midwife fed him hot porridge. She thought it would help him overcome the cold weather. It didn't do well for his vocal cords and gave him a weird voice. But then I guess that became part of what people liked about him as a comedian.

I don't really notice anything too unusual about his voice, personally.

Anyway, there's probably a good lesson there somewhere. Sometimes we try to do what's best for a child, and we end up causing them bodily harm. But then sometimes that bodily harm might turn out to be a good thing. Uh...well, actually that kind of sounds ridiculous.

Let's go back to talking about Michael Emerson.

Did I mention he's married to the actress who plays Arlene on True Blood? I'm having a hard time with season 3 of that show. I love some episodes, but not all of them. I kind of go back and forth with the whole thing.

Right now I'm all messed up in the brain because I just started reading the most recent True Blood novel; Dead in the Family. It's way ahead of the TV show, and the TV show is different from the novels period. So I'm trying to keep things straight. I feel like I'm trying to exist in two different realities...kind of like Desmond on Lost.

Ah...I'm back to Lost.


Thank you, George Wallace, for giving me an excuse to talk about Lost again.