Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Undeservingly Unpopular

Tim, Jack, and I watched the pilot episode of our beloved show iCarly. It shows how Carly, Sam, and Freddie's web show began. Freddie accidentally uploads a video of Sam and Carly joking around instead of the video he was supposed to upload. In one night, the girls get 28 thousand hits on their video. That seemed incredibly unrealistic to me. How does a video become so popular that fast? Okay, and maybe I was a little bit jealous....of uh...fictional characters. In one day, I'm lucky if I get over 250 hits on my blog.

Is it possible though? Can word-of-mouth marketing spiral out of control that quickly? I can KIND of picture it with some kind of crazy animal the octopus one.

Did the three-year-old talking about Star Wars video get popular that fast? There's 15 million viewers now, so can I assume they had thousands of viewers the day they put it up? Or does it take awhile to grow viewership?

How and why do certain things become so incredibly popular?

And then why do some brilliant things stay relatively ignored and unknown?

Right now I'm reading a fantastic novel. I'm totally loving it. Swords and Crowns and Rings by Ruth Park. Now Ruth Park herself is VERY well least in Australia. I can't say the same for America. And maybe this book was popular when it was published in the 1970's. MAYBE it's still well-known in Australia. I have my doubts that. It seems other Ruth Park books are better known....The Harp in the South and Playing Beattie Row. I could be missing something though....being way out here in America.

Is Swords and Crowns and Rings popular over there? It should be. It's beautiful.

Although I still have about 150 pages left. Maybe the last part is a complete failure, and that's why it's not so popular.

I hope not!

I was thinking about my dad when reading the book. He's a big fan of Pillars of the Earth. This book kind of reminds me of that. Well, there's no church building going on, but the characters and situations reminds me of Pillars. And it's good historical with The Depression and the years leading to it.

Anyway, I went to see if it was available on the Kindle, because my dad will read only with that now. It's not. I wasn't too surprised. And Amazon has only used ones for sale.

It might not be just an American problem. I'm looking at Gleebooks in Sydney. They don't seem to have a copy of it either.

That's the only bookstore I can think of offhand.

I'm going to google for other Australian bookshops.

Dymocks Online doesn't have it.

Abbey's Bookshop DOES have it....a CD version.

Okay. I'm tired of that game.

I'm sure you CAN get the book out there. I mean I got it, so other people could probably find it too. But it shouldn't be something you discover in a used bookstore. It should be easily available...the kind of book you see everywhere, and that everyone reads. It should be read in book clubs, although I really don't like book clubs. It should be on Oprah's list....even though I don't really like Oprah.

The sad/funny thing is the book DID win an award...the Miles Franklin Award. That's a pretty damn big award. I guess getting an award doesn't always matter. Or maybe the book was popular after the award, and then people forgot about it.

I was about to see if there are any other bloggers loving on the book. But then I remembered I haven't finished it. They might have spoilers in their post.

Anyway, it would make me very happy if this book became popular. So please go read it. And if you like it, please tell your friends to go read it.

I'll erase that last line before posting if the ending of the book ends up being awful.