Friday, September 10, 2010


When Tim was going through our suitcases, he found my red shirt from Sydney. I got it in 2007, and it sort of disappeared. I missed that thing, and figured it was gone forever. I kind of assumed I had accidentally left it somewhere.

But nope. It's still around...back in my life.

Maybe that's a good omen.

I've had some bad omens the past few days.

We had the false fire alarm.

Then today I was playing Sims 3. I have the Ambitions expansion pack now. One of my Sims, Brenda Winter, is a firefighter.

The other day, Jack and I added lots of new people to our neighborhood. We made copies of families we know and a copy of our own family.

Brenda was recently promoted in her firefighting career. Previously, she was only able to fight small fires. Today, she got her first large house fire. Guess who's house was on fire?

Yep. Ours!

Fortunately, Brenda Winter saved the day.

Still. It's as little unnerving. And you add the whole September 11/Koran burning gets a bit icky in my head.

AND maybe the red shirt thing isn't a good omen. Today I was reading my daily dose of Lostpedia. I'm on Season 5 now. The page I read talked about the whole redshirt thing. These are characters created with the purpose of killing them off.

So, I read this on the same day I find my old red shirt.

Does that mean something?

I hope not.

I'm not sure if I'm more disturbed about the prospect of being killed off the show or insulted that the universe is trying to say I'm just a stock/non-featured character. What's THAT all about?

Other weird thing of my day. But this one isn't bad.

Anyway, as I've mentioned....I have a major collection of photos for my screensaver slide show. I watch it while exercising.

Most of the photos are of Australia related stuff, Jack, my relatives, Sim 3 photos, and other stuff that interests me. But I have a few photos that I've gotten from people's blogs and Facebook. I like seeing photos of my internet friends and acquaintances.

So today I was thinking about a certain blogger I adore, and just as I was thinking about him....his photo came up. There's about 1800 photos in the collection, so that's quite a coincidence.

I also have photos that people send me. You know how people stick a photo in email? When I had AOL, I had it worked out that photos would automatically download to the screensaver folder. I'd forget to take them out. So I have some odd pictures in the collection— my niece Ellie, at the dentist, getting laughing gas; my friend's favorite high fiber snack bars, another friend's half-done cross-stitch thing; a screenshot of a American website that an America-obsessed Australian sent me......

When I switched computers, we messed up transferring the some are lost. I used to have about 3000 photos in the collection. No worries. I'll get there again. I'm sure to have lots of London photos to add

My brother-in-law emailed us to wish us well on our trip. He reminded us to take a lot of photos, and NOT lose our camera. Good advice, and nice email. It was better than the one in which he forwarded an article saying the government has issued a warning against international travel for Americans.