Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Google Map Fun Part 3

I'm longing for another Google Map adventure.

As I promised previously, I will amend my neglect of South Australia by starting with that state this time.

There's only a small chunk of that state on Street View. I landed on a place called Salt Creek, on the Princes Highway.

Lord Wiki says the highway is a coastal one. It goes from Sydney to Port Augusta. You end up going through (or near) Wollongong, Geelong, Melbourne, Mt Gambier, and other places.

Now I'm on 7930 Midland Highway, in Woodbury Tasmania. In the picture, it looks like a storm is brewing.

I see signs of human life...fences, and a house-like structure.

Lord Wiki says that the Midland Highway connects Tasmania to Launceston.

There's a place where you can take flying/gliding lessons in Woodbury. I'm not sure exactly what that means. It looks a bit scary though.

Now I'm on Connangorach Road, in Connangorach Victoria. It has a farm aura to it. I see fences.

I can't find much information about Connangorach, unfortunately.

I'm going to move on to New South Wales.

Oh! I got a neighborhood for the first time! There's lots of red brick houses.

The address is 22 Beamish Street. That sounds happy.

The city/town is Padstow. Lord Wiki says it's part of Sydney; 22 miles southwest of the CBD.

Now I'm in Queensland, on 9 Mundubbera Durong Road. The road is in the town of Mundubbera.

Lord Wiki says that People in Mundubbera pride themselves on having lots of citrus fruits.

If you like fruit, go to Mundubbera.

I like fruit, but I'm beginning to believe it's might be the cause of my stomach problems.

Here's a holiday park in Mundubbera. The cabins and villas aren't the prettiest I've seen. But that's okay. They still might be really nice. And it costs only $88 dollars a night for an ensuite cabin. That's a pretty good deal. They seem to have the amenities I usually require (demand!).

I tried to get something besides the Stuart Highway in the Northern Territory. So instead, I got Carpentaria Highway, in a town called Arnold. Lord Wiki doesn't have much to say about it.

In the Street View picture, it looks quiet...peaceful...desolate......

For Western Australia, I got a place called Paynes Find. And I'm on the Great Northern Highway.

Lord Wiki says Panes Find is another Gold Rush town. And there's something about a golden battery, but I don't really get that.