Monday, September 20, 2010

Lions, Rides Through Australia, and Dr. Doom Pajamas

I guess I have that jet lag thing going on.

I went to bed at around 6:30 last night, and woke up around 2:30.

I'm usually better at getting myself quickly on a reasonable schedule. But I wasn't feeling well last night, so it was hard to keep myself up.

Anyway, I had a few Australia/Australian related dreams last night. Here they are.

1. There's this zoo that lets a lion roam free. I think it's wrong...horribly dangerous. I refuse to go back to the zoo. I later talk to a zookeeper from there, trying to confirm that they really DO let a lion roam free. I guess I thought maybe I had imagined it, or misunderstood what I saw?

The zookeeper confirms that they do let a lion roam free. She says they do it because otherwise the lion won't sleep. She assures me that he's very gentle and well behaved. He's never harmed any of the guests. I argue that a wild animal can turn on you at any time. She seems to see my point, but then my argument starts to feel weak to me. I start thinking maybe it IS okay to have a lion roaming about. Yeah, it could suddenly go on the attack. But so could a dog.

Later I go to the zoo with Tracey (My Tassie/Hawaii friend). We approach the sleeping lion, and pet it. Tracey seems to have done this before. I remark that the lion makes me think of The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe.

2. I go pajama shopping with Jack and another adult. I think it was either my mom or Tim. At the shop, there is a advertisement with Julian McMahon promoting Dr. Doom underpants or pajamas. I look at large kid pajamas thinking some might fit me. Jack seems less interested in finding pajamas for himself, and more interested in looking at girl pajamas to buy his cousins.

3. We're on a ride in Australia. It's like a sled bathtub type thing. You ride through the landscape. I'm not sure who we is. I'm pretty sure Jack was there, and then later my dad was there. Tim was probably there too. Anyway, we see beautiful scenery on the ride....lots of rock formations. They look like mini Uluru type things. I start to worry that the ride might be dangerous. What if we hit a rock, or fall off a cliff? I begin to wonder if we need to put a lot of personal effort into keeping ourselves safe. Is this a ride where we need to take charge of steering and braking? Or is it the kind of ride where you can sit back, relax, and you're likely to stay safe?

P.S-If anyone is interested in looking at the London photos/videos, I've put them up on Flickr.