Saturday, September 11, 2010

Take Us Back!

When we were at the London airport today, I realized maybe I've been wrong all along.

I thought I wanted Australia to be FREE of the queen, and all that....become a Republic.

Now I think I was just feeling jealous and left out.

What I want is America to be part of the Commonwealth.

I want the queen to take us back.

Tim says she'd never want us back. Yeah, he's probably right.

I'm liking London okay. We're too tired to make major judgments.

We looked at candy aisles. They have a lot of the same candy here as Australia does. We didn't see Jaffas, but they do have these Jaffas biscuit things. Like the candy, these had orange flavoring in them.

We bought some. They're pretty awesome.

We also bought a Kit Kat bar so we could compare it to the American one. It was similar, but better. I think it had more chocolate.

We bought a Turkish Delight thing, but we haven't eaten it yet.

We're staying in the Kensington area. The major street, we're near, reminds me of Oxford Street in Sydney.

That's about it for now.