Friday, October 29, 2010

Billy....What's His Name

I had to rush to talk to Lord Wiki, and ask him to give me the names of all the Aussie Prime Ministers.  Why?  I was exercising while watching my massive photo slideshow, and I saw a photo of Billy Hughes.  I could NOT remember his last name.  It's really annoying. My memory is getting worse and worse.  

Okay.  I know.  It's not that strange to forget someone's name.  It happens to people all the time. But there's other stuff.  Like.... I do stuff, and I don't remember doing it.  Crap, that makes me sound scary.  

No.   It's not that bad.  Really.  I'm not unknowingly selling drugs, or anything.  I hope!   

It's more stuff like I go to put the clothes in the dryer.  But when I get there I see that I've already put the clothes in the dryer.  But I don't remember doing it.  Ah. Maybe Tim did it?

The sad thing is I'm not even sure I'm telling the truth here. Why?  Because I can't remember.  I just know there was SOME chore that I went to perform recently, and then found I had already done it.

The other day I suddenly feared that we never returned this DVD that had been due two weeks ago.   We were going to return it on the way to the frozen yogurt place, but forgot to. So we planned to return it on the way home. I have no memory whatsoever of returning it.  It feels like it never happened. But it did. Tim checked his library account, and there's nothing overdue.

Hey, but Tim didn't remember returning the DVD either. That's why he checked.

So maybe I'm not so messed up.   Or at least....if I am messed up, Tim is too.   We'll make a good pair.

And I should look on the bright side. I forgot a lot, but in other instances, I have a good memory. 

I remember that Robert Menzies was the Prime Minister for the longest time, and Francis Forde had the shortest run.  

I remember that the Tent Embassy went up during the McMahon Ministry, and that John Gorton had a facial injury from the war. 

Kevin Rudd ate his earwax...maybe.

Holt disappeared.

If I think hard enough I can probably remember more.  But I'm too tired for that right now.