Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Clover, Joan, and Julia

Clover Moore is no longer my currently most popular blog post.  She's been upstaged by Joan Sutherland. Dying is a good way to bring attention to yourself; maybe even better than Kyle Sandilands talking bad about you.

I hope Sutherland is out there something resting in peace. Maybe she'll sing with the angels or something.  I don't know.  

My most popular EVER blog topic woman is Julia Gillard.  I'm not liking that woman lately. I'm tired of her being stubborn about the gay marriage issue. And she seems too mysterious about it.WHY is she so reluctant to legalize it?  What would an atheist have against gay marriage?  

I just found this editorial:  The Secular Case Against Gay Marriage. Will that help me understand things better? I don't know. The first paragraphs are ridiculous to me. They talk about how marriage is for procreation, and procreation benefits the country. That's why it's not just homosexuals who can't marry. Close relatives can't do it either.

That would make sense a LONG time ago. But now?   Don't we have enough people on this planet?   Do we really need to be procreating? And besides....don't a lot of people make babies these days without marriage?

This person's other argument is that we shouldn't let gay people get married because then other people will want the same rights.What if a brother wants to marry his sister? What if one man wants to marry three women?   Well, so be it!  I seriously doubt many guys want to marry their sister. But if they want to, let them do it. It's a bit creepy.  Yeah.   But maybe things would go okay if someone explained genetics to them, and HIGHLY advised them not to make a baby together.

I see no problems with group marriages...as long as all parties are okay with it.   

Anyway, if we're going to argue that we shouldn't let gay people marry because then brothers and sisters (or groups of people) will want to marry each other.....then we should make ALL marriage illegal.  When we allow two heterosexuals to get married, doesn't that plant ideas and wants into the minds of gay people?  

If we make marriage illegal, then it will be fair for everyone. We don't have to worry about anyone having marriages that might make us feel uncomfortable.  

While we're on the subject of homosexuality, my Facebook friend posted this fun satirical response to the it-gets-better-videos.   The it-gets-better videos have adult homosexuals talking about how life gets better once you leave high school.  This video has a former high school bully talking about how life gets worse when you leave high school. People are less attracted to your obnoxious and outspoken bigotry.