Monday, October 18, 2010

Library Visit

I walked to the library today (good exercise, but it was too hot!).   I only got two books because I just started reading a Richard Flanagan book that I own.  It might take me awhile to get through it, and I don't want to feel rushed.

One book I planned to get.  It's another Jaclyn Moriarty thing. This one's The Murder of Bindy Mackenzie.    It's a bit hard to get the Moriarty books straight because they're titled differently in the US.   I actually thought there were two Bindy books, but it turns out I was just seeing different titles for the same book.  In Australia, the book is called The Betrayal of Bindy Mackenzie

Lord Wiki is helping me keep things straight now.  I have to read the Bindy book, and then Finding Cassie Crazy, which is The Year of Secret Assignments in America.  In that particular case, I think I prefer the American title.   

Then Moriarty wrote some other books that are not connected to the ones above. I shall probably read those too. Hopefully I can find them.

I really had planned to just get that one book.  But then the walk was so hot and surreal in an icky way(because I had just finished watching a bit of The Lovely Bones). It seemed nuts to come home with only one book, so I searched for another. I wanted another Australian book.  I looked for Marsden and Jinks. No luck there.   

I couldn't think of any other authors off the top of my head, so I was a total loser and started with the A's and flipped to the back of each book to look at the author biographies.  I gave up after three rows of books. I did a quick glance of other shelves. I found an Australian book I had read before; a collection of short stories. The author (Judith Clark) had another book there called One Whole and Perfect Day.   I took that.  

I've been reading mostly young adult novels lately. I think the last grown-up book I read was the Steven Toltz one.    So....uh....I think I may have lowered my reading level ability a bit.  The Richard Flanagan book (Gould's Book of Fish) looks incredibly long and daunting.  Hopefully, I can handle it.