Thursday, October 21, 2010

Maybe THIS Is a Dream Too!

Last night I had a dream within a dream within a dream.  Three layers. It's all a little hazy to me, but I'll try my best to explain it.

Layer # 1- Tim, Jack, and I are staying at some house with a bunch of other people. It's kind of like a retreat, I suppose.  he other people seem to be Australian and/or British.  There's one part where we are in a kitchen.  Charlie from Lost is there.  He has made some kind of yummy mousse dessert.   I look forward to eating it. But then this hybrid combination of Claire from Lost, and my friend Tracey, sticks her feet into the dessert.  I'm a bit disappointed, and annoyed.   But it's not like I'm extremely angry.  My reaction is more of an amused....I can't believe you did that!   Charlie has some of the dessert on his face.   Since this is the only way I can taste the dessert, I use it has an excuse to kiss him.  This is not something Tracey/Claire would usually approve of, but I feel she has to deal with it since it's her fault the dessert is gone. 

I go to take a shower, and the bathroom is full of other people's shampoo and conditioner. The bathroom feels so crowded. I realize it's morning, and I usually take my showers at night. I decide I'll come back later. I'm not happy with the crowd.I don't like sharing a bathroom with so many people.    

There's also this sense that I wish I felt a connection to these people, but I don' least not yet.   I feel out of place, and I don't like that feeling.  

Layer #2- I'm in a room.   Maybe a den.   I start to write a blog post starting with saying something like right now we're at this retreat. But then I realize we're NOT at a retreat.  It was a dream, so I'm going to have to write a dream post.

Layer #3- I'm writing a post about the dream which I had once thought was a retreat. I then decide to not waste too much time writing about dreams vs. real retreats, and instead make my post be about how we fit into some groups, but within other groups we feel a bit alienated.  

Why do we bond with some people almost immediately, but you can spend a whole weekend with other people and feel no real connection to them?

Within one of the layers.... I look at a magazine.   There's an article written by an Australian.   It has a list of advice type stories.  In one of the items, she says if you're an Australian visiting America, rub powder from Doritos on your swimming suit so the customs people will think it's an American swimming suit, and not an Australian one.    She's not being serious really.   It's her way of introducing a story about how American customs gave her a rough time about her swimming suit.   

I'm not sure why my subconscious mind associated Doritos with being American.  And I think Australia actually has Doritos. 

Within another one of the layers....I'm writing something while sitting with my parents.   Or I'm working on SOME kind of project that my parents are aware of. My mom sheepishly complains that there's no Jews in my story.  I'm a bit annoyed at my mom for saying this.   I tell her that there's also no Australians.   She's amused and surprised by this.