Monday, October 4, 2010

Sometimes I'm Worthless

Statcounter is telling me a lot of visitors on my blog today are looking for photos of Rachel Carpani being naked.  

I don't have any nude pictures of her to share.


People have been asking me to return commenting to my blog.  I don't plan on doing that anytime soon.


I have my reasons.   

I WILL tell you my dream though...

I wake up (not for real) and find these old notebook/journals of mine.  I think they're back from my high school and college days. And when I go to look at them, I quickly turn to pages that mention Australia.   

I'm excited that I had Australia-related thoughts way back then.  I plan to blog about them, but then later I start thinking I didn't really see any such notebooks. It was all a dream (a dream within a dream, really). I decide I can still blog about the dreams, but I feel it would have been a better post  if I actually seen the notebooks.  

I also dreamed I was Guy Pearce's girlfriend in that movie First Snow.   It wasn't PG rated, so there's not much I can say about that.  

If you're dying to comment on my lack of nude Rachael Carpani photos, my lack of blog commenting, my notebook dreams, or my adventures with Guy are welcome to speak your mind on The Girl Who Wished She Was Australian's Facebook Page.    If you're not on Facebook, you can email me.  

I'll make you a deal.   If I hear from at least ten different people (either through email or the Facebook Page), I will succumb to peer pressure, and turn comments back on.  I think that's VERY fair. And it's extremely noble of me to do this. Why?  I predict 1, 2, or zero people will say something, and I'm going to end up feeling very rejected.  I'm REALLY putting myself on the line here.  

But maybe a person who doesn't have pictures of naked Rachael Carpani and comments on their blog deserves to feel all rejected.  Hey!   But I did get a nice moment with Guy Pearce as my consolation prize.  So what if it was all just a dream.