Sunday, October 10, 2010

The Totally Ancient Clover Moore

My blog is hopping with visitors today. People are looking for information on Clover Moore.   Why?   Kyle Sandilands talked bad about her, and made comments about her age. People are coming to my blog to find out how old Moore is.

I wonder if my blog posts gives the answer. Well, probably. I think I usually provided birth dates.   But now I don't remember.   I'll have to go back and check.....

Okay.  She was born in 1945.  She's going to be 65 in a few days.    She's not in her 80's, so Kyle Sandilands needs to get his facts straight.  And if she WAS in her 80's, it doesn't necessarily mean she needs to go into a retirement home. Right?  

As for the whole closing bars at midnight thing. I really don't understand what's happening there, so I'll keep my ignorant mouth shut. But I WILL say this one thing. I personally couldn't care less about finding places to get drunk late at night. I think we should be more concerned about having lots of toilets out there. It's horrible being out and not having a place to pee. Seriously.