Sunday, November 21, 2010

A Film Festival Featuring a Tim Winton Thing

This is my dream from last night:

I'm at some kind of film festival. In the first session, I do something with paints. It's like I can use paints as a lens. Then the second session is coming up. I have a small crush on a professor, and I'm hoping to see him.   

I go to a table to sign up to watch a movie.  On the list of films is The Riders. I'm excited because I read the book, and it's my favorite Tim Winton novel.  There are other people around the table, including Jennifer Tilly.

There's an alternate/expanded title with The Riders.  It's something about a dog.  I'm confused because I don't remember there being a dog in The Riders. And even if there was one, I don't remember it being central to the plot.  I start thinking maybe this is a different The Riders. But then I see Tim Winton mentioned, and know it's the same.

I talk to a woman the table, and confess that although I loved the book, I didn't really understand the ending.  I expect to encounter a smug attitude, and for her to tell me they easily understood it. But she admits she didn't really understand it either.   

Later (after waking up, peeing, and returning to the dream) I see that the price for watching The Riders is $300. I decide to skip it.   

My other dream:

I'm trying to do some decorating on the wall.  It involves me taping up a drawing of a koala. Then the dream changed to me trying to put a koala hat on a koala lamp.   But the hat keeps making the lamp fall over.  I try to adjust things, but have no luck.  Then the dream changed again.   I'm trying to put a hat on a black standard poodle, and she keeps falling over. I give her cuddles, and then think that I don't spend enough time with the dog. I need to give her more attention.   

My family had a black standard poodle when I was a teen, and my sister's family has one now.  So, that's where my subconscious got that.

I dreamed also the night before about having a crush on a professor.  In that dream, the professor was Sam Neil.  I'm not sure what's up with these professor dreams. Does it mean something? 

Jennifer Tilly wasn't a random celebrity dream. Tim mentioned her the other day because he was watching Bride of Chucky.  

I thought The Riders was random, but I think there are things in the plot that fit in to how I've been feeling lately.   But if I had to pick an Australian book that corresponded well with my life, it would be The Faraday Girls.  I should probably reread that sometime.  It might be cathartic for me.   

And no.   Don't worry.   I'm not trying to hint that I plan to mysteriously disappear or kidnap anyone.