Thursday, November 4, 2010

The Safest Airline

I'm thinking Qantas must have really special guardian angels working for them.

The first time I probably heard of Qantas was in 1988 when I saw this scene from Rainman.   Raymond is scared of going on an airplane, and tells his brother that the safest airline is Qantas. It has never crashed before.

You would think that in the last 22 years, Qantas would have lost that distinction.   

Okay.  Well, it HAS lost it to some degree. Lord Wiki says that Qantas has had some incidents.   They had one yesterday.   It's big news, even headlined here in America.  One of their engines exploded on a journey from Indonesia to Sydney. Fortunately, there were no fatalities.  

In October 2008, there was an incident. Again, no fatalities. But this one did involve some serious injuries. Hopefully, nothing too serious, and everyone is fairly recovered. 

According to Lord Wiki, Qantas has lost some lives during it's history, but if I'm understanding this correctly....this was in its early days, BEFORE it became a commercial airliner.  

The last time Qantas had fatalities was on 16 July 1951. Seven people were on the flight, and all of them were killed.  Maybe some spirit appeared to these people before they crashed and said if they sacrificed their lives, no other lives would be taken from Qantas flights.  

Anyway, it's kind of beautiful that my favorite country has this miraculous airline. I like that. I'm knocking on wood in hopes that it stays that way.