Tuesday, November 30, 2010

That's SO not funny

I'm feeling a little bit insecure about my sense of humor lately. So could you please tell me if you think I'm

A) Very funny

B) Really blah, and so NOT funny

Do I make you laugh?  Do I take things too seriously?   Do I have a stick up my butt?  Do you have that saying in Australia, or is it an American thing?  Or maybe it's an Australian thing that we Americans stole.  If we did steal it, I apologize...on behalf of my whole nation.  

Anyway.  Answer my question.   Please.  I know. Comments are turned off.  No need to email me about this, or post anything on Facebook.  Just close your eyes, think of your answer, and I'll try to pick it up with my minimal psychic abilities.   

After you're done sending me a psychic message,  you can watch this mockumentary clip about the Sydney Olympics. I though it was funny.  I just sent a psychic message to the makers of the show, telling them I thought their work was well done. I hope they got the message.

In other news, another blogger had a dream about me. I get happy and excited about stuff like that.   I have so many adventures in my own dreams.  It's cool to think I'm also having adventures in other people's dreams.