Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Day Trips

So, we're still planning to divide our 2012 trip between Sydney, Melbourne, and Hobart. I haven't changed that yet.

I do think we need to get away from the big cities (Sydney and Melbourne)...at least for a day. We really enjoyed going to Canterbury when we were in London.

When we're in Melbourne, I'm thinking that Ballarat would work. We'll do that, and maybe something else.  Well, we'll probably do the Great Ocean Road.  Then we'll probably spend the rest of the time in the city.

For Sydney, I'm looking at various options. I want something pretty close....less than two hour away.   I looked at Hunter Valley, and that's three hours.  If we were really into wine, I'd consider it. Tim drinks wine. If he's interested, he can do a tour.   Jack and I will stay behind.

I'm looking at the CityRail website now...considering our various options.

Blue Mountains is a possibility.  We've been there before though. Should we go back?  Does it deserve a second look?  Yes, probably.  I guess it will depend on whether we find other places we'd rather go.  I'd kind of prefer to see something new.  

I'm thinking of Wollongong.  When we were on the Disney Cruise, we met a lifeguard from Wollongong.  Last night I dreamed about the Disney Cruise. It was a pretty cool dream.  So maybe that's why I have a desire to go to Wollongong.  

Wollongong is less than two hours away.  That's good.

Woy Woy is an option. At the very least, it has a fun name.  That's about an hour and fifteen minutes away.  

I'm bookmarking tourism websites about all these places, so I can dive deeper into my research later.

One thing we have to consider is whether one needs a car to enjoy these places. We don't want to exit the train station and be stranded.  It would be nice to not have to get off the train, and then take a bus or cab.

We might do Parramatta. 

I'd like to see the Northern Beaches.


Well, I'll hear of more places as I read novels, talk to people online, see websites, etc.   If places sound interesting, I can look into them.  

When we were in London, Jack got all into the different train lines. So maybe we'll try a place on each line.  

Or maybe not.  There's eight lines that leave from Central.   That would take up all our days.    Although on some days, we could go somewhere close....like ten minutes away.