Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Fun In the 1920's

If you watch the end part of this home movie clip about a visit to the Avon dam. you can see how people entertained themselves before there was online Tetris, Cafe Life, and Farmville.

You know what makes home movie clips more enjoyable?   Replacing the silence with random songs.  I let the iTunes DJ randomly pick something for me.

For that clip, I heard George Michael's "Faith".


Despite all our high tech entertainment, I think we still know how to have old-fashioned fun.

At our Thanksgiving holiday, we played charades, and hot potato.  This is where you pass around an object until the music stops.  If you're holding the object at that point, you're out.  We made up our own variation, because we couldn't decide what music to use. We had someone sing instead. Then once you were out, you had to join the singing group.  Most of the group seemed to love the singing, so I think people were actually eager to get themselves out.  

We called our version of the game baked potato instead of hot potato.