Thursday, December 2, 2010

I Didn't Know Australia Would Be In It

When we were in London, I bought some British children's books.  Two of them were by the author Jacqueline Wilson.  The books looked cute, and they seemed to be prevalent and popular.   I bought Candyfloss and Cookie.  Yeah. Maybe I was hungry when I made that purchase.

I don't remember reading the back of the book, or anything.  I think I just kind of impulse-buying grabbed.  Or maybe I looked at the back, and forgot.   But I don't know how I'd forget what was on the back of the Candyfloss book.  It says it has something to do with Australia.  I think I'd notice and remember that.   Right?  

Anyway, today I finally starting reading the book.  I just finished reading the first chapter.   It's very cute.  There's a picture of Australia....the continent. 

There's a girl named Floss.  It's her birthday.  She's annoyed by her baby brother, and her parents are unable to appreciate why she'd be annoyed by their little treasure.  The mom announces that Stepdaddy has gotten a job in Sydney.  Now Floss understands why her birthday gift included a kangaroo stuffed animal, a suitcase, and stationary.  The stationary is for writing her father who she won't be able to see during the six months they're in Australia.

Floss isn't happy.  She doesn't want to leave her friends. She doesn't want to leave her dad. I guess she IS okay leaving her mom though, because according to the back of the book, Floss does NOT end up going with her mom and stepdad to Australia.

To bad for me. 

I like how Floss imagines Australia in her head.

I saw us on a huge white beach with kangaroos hopping across the sand and koalas climbing palm trees and lots of beautiful skinny ladies like Kylie Minogue swimming in the turquoise sea.  I saw Mum and me paddling hand in hand. I sent Steve way way out to sea on a surfboard.  I stuck Tiger (the baby brother) in a kangaroo's pouch and sent them far off into the bush.   

It's all very cute, and it made me laugh.  I can imagine myself becoming a fan of this Wilson woman.

While we're on the subject of books.....

Early this afternoon, I finished reading the Markus Zusak book; I am the Messenger.  It's beautiful.   Amazing! I cried at the end. I think it's one of the best books I've read. I highly recommend it.  

People should be reading it in their book clubs.