Monday, December 6, 2010

Let's Make a Deal


Let's try to be fair.

Despite what Oprah and her minions say.....I won't believe that Australians all hang out at McCafes.    Really.  I'm not sure I've ever even heard an Australian mention one of those.    

In return....I would appreciate it if Australians would please not assume that we in America are all like Oprah.   

Not that Oprah isn't a lovely woman.  But there are things about her and her empire that disturb me.   It's probably just a power thing.  I think anyone with that amount of money and power is going to end up being highly annoying.

It IS sad that people are perpetuating a stereotype in order to advertise something.  For those who haven't heard yet.....there was some segment on Oprah that declared Australians like getting their coffee at McDonalds; like this is their main hang out, or something.   If I'm understanding it correctly, it was actually an Australian who said it.  Carrie Bickmore.   But I think Oprah had hired her to do this.  Let me give you a tour of our country, so you American tourists can understand us better before visiting......

McDonalds paid to have this message on Oprah. 

So, how do we know Oprah won't keep doing this while she's in Australia?  How will Americans know what's truth, and what's a hidden commercial?

What if Australians themselves fall for the trick?  There are people I know who are REALLY into wanting to follow fads and trends.  My mom is like that.  When she used to take my shopping, there was a lot of Oh, you should get that.  It's really IN now.  

Anyway, so there might be an Australian who really wants to do what's popular and fashionable.   They might start drinking McDonald's coffee, because they think that's what a proper Australian should do.

Fortunately though, the truth was uncovered.  I think MOST clever Australians and Americans will now be skeptical about everything Oprah says regarding Australia.  Hey, and now I feel less bad about doing horrible on her stupid little Australia quiz.