Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Our First Australian Shirt

Today my dad kindly allowed me to hack into his Ofoto account.  I wanted access to the old photos he has online, so I could add new photos to my screensaver slideshow. The slideshow entertains me as I exercise.  AND...sometimes Jack looks at them with me, so it's good family history education.  

Anyway, I found this old picture of Tim and me.  I did a double take because Tim is wearing an Australia shirt. This was way before Australia entered our lives.  Then I remembered.   My parents had gone to Australia, and brought us back a shirt.  I'm not sure if it was meant for me or Tim, but it eventually made it's way into my drawer.  I wore it a LOT after becoming obsessed.  By that time, it was well worn and very soft.  Then Jack accidentally ripped it one day.   Not his fault really; the shirt was pretty worn out. 

The shirt picture got me thinking.....

I often (almost always) believe Australia was my destiny.  But ONE of my questions is whether it was decided right before it happened.   Did the powers-that-be say Hey, let's make Dina obsessed with Australia.   It will be a good path for her.    OR....was it decided before I was born?

And if it was decided before I was born, and didn't fully manifest itself until I was in my 30's....did I ever have minor twinges prior to that?   Did I feel some kind of twinge when my parents went to Australia?  How about when Tim wore that shirt?  What about when I cuddled my koala stuffed animal?  When I heard a Bee Gees song?  Was there ANY indication?   

I don't remember.   I wish I did. 

I have twinges these days, pretty much always negative though. I'll be reading something, or I see something.  I suddenly get this horrible feeling of dread.   Then fortunately it passes....pretty quickly.   I have no idea why this happens.   Is it random?   Maybe I'm getting messages from my alternate self in an alternate universe?   It could be related to repressed memories; probably nothing too serious.   Like for example, I might see the word lettuce and get a horrible feeling.   Maybe one day I ate lettuce before getting into a big fight with someone.  I feel depressed when I see lettuce, but don't consciously recognize the connection.  That's just a made up example, by the way.  I don't have an issue with lettuce. 

My other theory (and maybe my favorite) is that I have a twin soul somewhere out there. Maybe we share feelings.  It would explain a lot in my life.

So let's say her best friend yells at her....then suddenly I feel very sad, and I don't know why.

She gets a phone call saying her sister is in the hospital. Suddenly, I feel very nervous....terrified.  

I also get a lot of random physical pain.  Does everyone get that?   Probably.  But what if it's because our twin soul is out there getting hurt?  Your twin soul stubs her toe, and that explains why you suddenly have a random toe pain.   

Hey!  I know!  I'll test it out.  I'm going to pinch my left arm really hard.   If your arm hurt at around 5:00 American central time, On December 22....maybe YOU are my twin soul.  If it ends up you are my twin soul, please try to avoid emotional distress and bodily harm.  Thanks!