Saturday, December 11, 2010

A Perfect World

So far.....

Tender Morsels seems to be about people leaving their not-so-great lives to enter a fantasy world where things are much better for them.

This led me to thinking about what MY perfect world would be.

After some thought, I realized my life IS perfect....or close enough.

I'd like to live in Australia.  I'd like to have more friends close by.  There are always things to want.   But I'm happy with what I already have.  I'm not saying this because I have a heart-warming Pollyanna nature.  My life really is nice, at least when I compare it to a lot of other people's lives.

I think what gets me down though is the fact that things could change in an instant. I worry about that.  And one of the things I worry about is illness.  I hate sickness.  I really do.

So in my perfect world, everyone would be healthy.

There'd be no cancer.
There'd be no horrible night coughs that keep you up at night.
There'd be no stomach flu.
There'd be no diabetes.
There'd be no week long flu to ruin an entire holiday.

There wouldn't even be a common cold.

People would still need to die though.  It would get too crowded otherwise.  Maybe after you get to a certain age, your heart would simply stop.  People would die peacefully in their sleep.

Should there be no accidents as well?  That would be nice.  The world would be a bit crazy though.   People would jump out of airplanes, drive over cliffs, swim in shark infested water......

Actually, it sounds kind of fun. 

I'm sure there would be drawbacks.  Right?  Wouldn't there be?  Maybe with nothing to worry about, we'd take things to much for granted.   Then again, would that be a bad thing?

I guess what I'm wondering is whether our concern over illness and accidents betters our world in some way.  Would we be worse off without it?